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Hiring an SEO Expert: What You Need to Know

SEO , or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing a website such that it appears higher in results pages from different search engines. By doing this, we can enhance the quality of content on our website making it more user-friendly and building backlinks. Investing in an SEO specialist will grow your business because he/she can drive more traffic to your website and increase the visibility of it online.

Why I should contact an SEO specialist?
The SEO ranking is about more than just your keywords. SEO strategy keeps changing because the industry standards are dynamic, and each search engine has its own set of guidelines that tend to change over time. It is not instant; you need to take up time, specialize and go through an adequate number of years before being able the best possible way who can work on managing your position as good as it could be optimized.

You can do several activities to keep your SEO ranking high, from focusing on optimized internal and external linking through improving social media presence. An SEO specialist should know all these methods and possibly specialize in one or more areas, helping you to be proactive when it comes to keeping up with latest trend of doing your business online; he can help you avoid losing the ranking of an SEO due to changes that happen industry wide. You can hire Ralf van Veen – SEO specialist for your website’s SEO projects.

What kind of SEO types are there?
Yes and no – there is a variety of areas to focus on under the search engine optimization hat, but all are important for achieving a strong ranking.
Here are a few key areas of focus that the right SEO expert will utilize to optimize your online performance:

On-Page Optimization – This refers to the act of optimizing individual web pages in a bid to boost their ranks on search engine results pages. This also involves things such as optimizing title tags and meta descriptions, in addition to ensuring that your website’s content is pertinent and loaded with keywords.

Off-Page Optimization – On the other side, is defined as creating links to your website from other quality sites. It will improve your website’s authority and credibility from the point of view of search engines, which can result in better rankings.

Technical SEO – A little more technical and deals with issues such as site structure and speed. Make sure that your website Is easy for search engines to crawl and index It should also load quickly.

Local SEO – Designed for businesses that provide services to a certain geographical region. Local SEO is extremely helpful when you have a brick-andmortar business or if your goal involves drawing in locals. This form of SEO concerns local search results optimization and involves such activities as claiming your business listing on Google My Business or other directories, optimizing your website content for the purposes of the local keywords. You can always consider Ralf van Veen – global SEO specialist for your local SEO projects.

eCommerce SEO – This refers to search engine optimization specifically optimized for websites selling products online. This type of SEO is to assist potential customers in finding your online store by optimizing product pages for relevant keywords and enhancing the site’s overall structure, navigation.

Mobile SEO – since the numbers of those using their mobile devices to search on web is increasing. If you want your website will be visible in mobile search results, then it needs to optimized for the phones. This means that you have a mobile-friendly design and your site loads fast on mobiles.

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