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He Made $1 Million With ChatGPT At 20-Years-Old

Many people know about AI Tools and ChatGPT. However, not many know how to use it

to make significant amount of money. Or get rich. Incredible as it may seem, just a 20-

year-old student by the name of Joe Popelas managed to achieve in just a few months

what many individuals may not earn in an entire lifetime.

The secret to his remarkable success? ChatGPT, the remarkable AI tool that has been

transforming industries and lives, and continues to do so. Here’s his story:

Joe’s Beginnings

Joe Popelas, pursuing a degree in computer science, had a brilliant idea back in the

summer of 2022 – harnessing the power of ChatGPT to write books. What sets Joe apart

is that he recognized the potential of artificial intelligence long before the majority, giving

him a significant head start.


This early adoption allowed him to rapidly and consistently produce a multitude of books,

turning his vision into a lucrative reality. However, Joe’s journey was far from effortless.

Balancing his burgeoning business with the demands of academic studies and manual

labor to support himself was no small feat.

Consistency Paid Off

Yet, he persevered, refusing to succumb to the challenges that initially beset him. His

unwavering determination ultimately paid off, culminating in the creation of a brand

valued at an astounding $1 million in less than a single year!


To gain further insights into Joe’s remarkable story, you can watch the entire video by

following this YouTube link. For those aspiring to follow in Joe’s footsteps, he imparts

invaluable advice in the form of key steps.

Key Takeaways

– Learn how AI models function: A crucial aspect of Joe’s success was his deep understanding of how AI models operate. Mere requests like “write me a book on how to make money” won’t suffice. To unlock ChatGPT’s true potential, specific and precise instructions are essential.

– Choose a niche: Joe’s strategy was crystal clear – he focused exclusively on a single topic. He didn’t hop from writing books on business one day to meditation the next. Consistency in his niche was one of the cornerstones of his success.

– Targeting and Strategy: Recognizing that his target audience, potential customers, were active on Pinterest, Joe wisely chose to invest in advertising on this platform. This shrewd strategy played a pivotal role in his remarkable journey of success.

Final thoughts

In the world of AI, ChatGPT has become a game-changer, opening doors to new opportunities and redefining what’s possible. Joe Popelas’ story serves as a testament to the potential that lies within AI, inspiring others to explore the limitless possibilities it offers.

Whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur, or simply someone eager to embrace the future, Joe’s journey with ChatGPT is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to remarkable achievements. It’s still just one year since the official arrival of ChatGPT. Imagine what’s possible in the next 10 years.

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