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The modern age is the age of computers and handheld computers that are smartphones. How can you use Google Play to buy Bitcoin?

Platforms Allowing You To Buy Bitcoin Using Google Pay

The modern age is the age of computers and handheld computers that are smartphones. Every person on earth has either his smart device in the form of a mobile device or has his reach to the same. Every person has a single smartphone in his home for sure. As soon as modern technology is spreading its wings people are becoming more inclined towards smart gadgets be it smartphones or computers. 

It is being estimated that in the upcoming decade the number of smartphones is going to surpass the number of the human population. Thus, the earth is going to get smart in devices as compared to that individual. This is being seen as a normal ideological thing of the future for now but as far as the question of modernization is involved this transition is going to make a subtle impact.

Worldwide digitization has changed the method of making transactions. Many services are now available online and need no human interference for performing their duties. Be it in the banking sector or the normal payment collection centres people are preferring more to go digital than to exchange currency for the same. Moreover, going online helps people to do the same work from the ease of their rooms and thus reduces their burden to reach a particular office or place. 

One of the most used services in today’s pandemic time is the billing and collection centres. The payments are collected online and disbursed into the accounts of the beneficiary. One such facility is in the form of application-based wallets. Each bank is coming with its wallet facility. In addition to this, several giants have started their services in the payment and banking sector and are providing the ease of payment from the wallet services being assigned to the user interested. One such application-based platform or wallet is known by the name ‘Google pay’. As the name suggests it is one of the products of giant Google and provides and adds to the ease of people. It also teaches how much money I should invest in bitcoin .

Due to the global outreach not only for the physical payments but for the digital assets transactions this is proving beneficial. Many websites provide the facility to buy cryptocurrencies from their websites by paying through the interface of google pay.

In this article, we are going to spread some light on these websites that allow the usage of google pay for cryptocurrency-related transactions.

Local Bitcoins

Local bitcoins is one of the several platforms that provide the facility to buy cryptocurrencies on a P2P basis. The P2P feature adds to the security of payments and transactions. The payment made is routed through the google pay servers that finally redirects the details to the ultimate user-friendly interface thereby completing the transaction.


Next to LocalBitcoins the next user interface or platform for buying the crypto assets is in the form of OKEX. As the name implies it also has the added security of P2P. The payment procedure is simple just like buying the normal merchant sites. Google ads to the user communication between system and person.

Binance P2P

One of the most used platforms for the transactions involved in buying and trading cryptoassets is Binance. With over a million active users it has the facility to buy crypto using every sort of payment method including Google pay.


Just like Binance Gemini is another platform used by people to buy and trade crypto assets. Just like Binance it also has multiple features of payment facility that includes wire transfer, debit, and credit cards, and Google pays for sure.

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