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FoxConverter – Free Online Calculator

FoxConverter is a versatile conversion tool that supports various advanced functions including scientific calculating and document converting. It provides great assistance for significant metrics and other complex math and physics units. This online calculator website is user-friendly and does not require any paid subscription.

What can be converted with the unit converter?

Foxconverter conversion calculator tools allow consumers to transform all types of scientific data, including SI system metrics and engineering, radiology, light, and magnetism units.

  • Common metric units:

The metric conversion calculator of helps users in many disciplines change units for regular practical math and physics. It combines 16 types of data standardized according to the International System of Units. 

  • Engineering converters: 

For engineers, tech students, and physicists with highly technical figures, this is an excellent help. Unit types pre-built into the service algorithm include: 

–  Vector momentum and rotational motions

–  Automotive performance units 

–  Magnitude units

–  Inertial measurement units

  • Radiation figures Converters: 

It is an extra hand for experts in exchanging values among complex radiation-related properties such as intensity, exposure, or absorbed dose.

  • Units of light converters: 

The calculator allows customers to work flexibly with luminance-related factors such as intensity, frequency wavelength, illumination, and other specifications for digital images.

  • Magnetism converters: 

You can solve magnetic calculations quickly with this converting toolkit for magnetizing force, relative electrical voltages, and current’s units.

Advantages of using FoxConverter online calculator

This optimal online conversion calculator helps you to transform the physical quantities into your desired figures. You don’t have to memorize lengthy formulas or complex equations. FoxConverter algorithm enables you to do those tasks automatically and without errors.

Start using FoxConverter unit calculator now for free

The project does not require customers to register to use. You can visit the website any time and free of charge. Users can find the unit options by ONE of these actions: 

  • Choose from the drop-down list by metric types as soon as they move the cursor to the “Unit Converter” button.

  • Type the unit’s name in the search bar.

  • Scroll down to the units that are categorized by their scientific array. 

The system will display your query with two columns of data. The left pane allows you to enter source metrics. The returned results will automatically appear in the right column as you can see in the picture below:

Under both windows, you can find a list of different units in the same measurement method for quick switching.


Overall, this site offers users a completely free and highly effective online conversion service. With an easy-to-use interface, and flexible calculation and conversion features of measurement units, it is undoubtedly the most practical and must-have tool for your work and personal life.

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