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Are you struggling with error 0x8004010F? Learn all about what causes this pesky error as well as the best way to fix it here.

How to fix error 0x8004010F : Outlook data file cannot be accessed

The Recovery Toolbox group of tools contains a special program for recovering components lost while working with Microsoft’s information manager – Outlook Repair. Here is the link where you can get it The software is required to fix error 0x8004010F, in which it is impossible to access the file being opened. In this article, we will enlighten you about the tool’s operation, its installation, advantages and disadvantages. We will also describe other ways to recover files.

What is error 0x8004010F?

This error is possible when transferring a file to Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013 or 2016/2019/Microsoft 365. It appears if there is an error in your profile. If it is available in the English localization, the message “Outlook data file cannot be accessed” appears on the screen. You can easily solve the error just by using Outlook Repair from Recovery Toolbox. Alternatively, the company offers to create a new email profile, which will require a lot of time from you compared to the proposed program.

Download Outlook Repair

Kindly go to to get Outlook Repair. After that, an .exe file will be downloaded to your computer, which must be unpacked to any path on your device. If you have checked the corresponding checkbox in the installation fire, an icon will appear on the desktop to start the program. Then you can use the functionality of the program without any restrictions.

Using Outlook Repair

First, it is worth understanding that the repair of lost information is possible only in the case of using e-mail such as POP3 or SMTP. If your profile and computer meet all the stated requirements, it simply means you need to run the program, and through the window that appears, find the e-mail file .pst or .ost. 

Next, you need to select the type of recovery, the path to place the processed file, and replace the damaged version with it. Then you can use your e-mail as you did before. With the standard file location, information about your profile in Microsoft Outlook will be stored in the folder of the administrator of the personal computer under the path AppData / Local. 

Also, you need to go to the Microsoft section and then to Outlook. In the case of OS versions older than XP, the information is stored in the document folder.

Online file recovery

Alternatively, you can use the cloud/online file recovery feature. It is the same procedure as downloading software to a computer. The only difference is that it is performed on the Recovery Tools servers. To complete this procedure, you need to find the Microsoft Outlook file on your computer and upload it to the company’s website at Next, you must enter your e-mail address and be tested for a robot. The file will be restored after confirming the procedure, and you will be able to see the results only after that-pay!

The recovered file will be saved on the service’s servers as a profile for Microsoft Outlook 2016 with the .pst extension in Unicode format. As a result, you will be able to get the correct files from any device through your browser. Please note that this feature will be available only after purchasing the Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Repair subscription. Until then, you will only be able to use the trial version of the software, which you will have to purchase once it expires.

The cost of Outlook Repair from Recovery Toolbox

You need to understand that using Outlook Repair is not free, either online or offline. In the first case, the cost of work will solely depend upon the size of the Microsoft Outlook file uploaded to the server. 

The cost of services is $10 per 1 gigabyte of information. In the case of the personal computer version of the software, you will have to pay $50 for non-commercial use. First, you will be given a short trial period, after which a window will appear asking you to pay for the software.

How to recover an email file for an Exchange Server

In addition to recovering a personal file in Microsoft Outlook, you can get lost data if the file on the exchange server is damaged. It is encrypted in .edb format with user data, but you can easily convert it to .pst for later recovery. Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server will help you with this, which together with Outlook Repair, can recover the maximum possible amount of personal information of clients.

What if the program didn’t help?

Sometimes, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Repair will not be able to help you recover your e-mail file. In this case, the company gives you the ability to have a preview of your files in order not to pay the money! 

If you’re yet not satisfied, you can send the file, which contains the recovery procedure to Recovery Toolbox’s support. It is located in the folder with the software called Err.log. You should also provide the support service with information about your OS and Microsoft Outlook current version. The answer will come to your e-mail address.

Conclusion on the Outlook Repair program

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Repair is an ideal solution for both non-commercial and corporate use. It allows you to restore a Microsoft Outlook file for its further use without any problems and time-consuming. The only drawback of the software is its high cost. If you are not going to use it on an ongoing basis, then the most rational way is to repair the .pst file using the service’s online version. 

You can find additional information on recovering a Microsoft Outlook e-mail file on the company’s website by typing in a corresponding search query in your browser. Thanks to this, you will get the maximum amount of lost data. Also, you have the opportunity to search for additional software that will help in solving this problem.

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