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How you can find your next cryptocurrency investment.

Over the past few years, the spectacular growth and advent of bitcoin have led most people to put their money into cryptocurrencies. Has achieved a very impressive return and dramatic fall with many blockchains and cryptocurrency projects. So, if you are planning to trade or mine Bitcoin, then you may visit

To emulate the returns of other competitors or who are looking for something bigger in the market. Currently, there are many alternative cryptocurrencies, which are known as “altcoins”. Often an initial coin offering or the latest ICO helps represent an opportunity to multiply any investment, but they can also be extremely risky. However, it is a bit difficult to predict which coins will be received and why. 

Find the ICOs

First, you need to find out which coin s initial. Sites like ICO alert offer public sales and a place for developers to list their upcoming pre-sales. They can list information like team profile, soft cap, buy-in price, among other information. Such sites allow investors to plan their entry, invest in the best events, do research and prepare their money.

ICO Alerts This is a website also known as free-to-list and is a comprehensive list of upcoming and active ICOs.

Evaluating the Opportunity

Whereas rare ICOs have been deemed capable of attracting investor attention and garnering the necessary cryptocurrencies for it. Studying the market is not very difficult and this idea is helpful for you to get an idea of ​​what the coin will be like.

What a unique idea?

Every day new ideas emerge for using blockchain. Currently, the market is not affected at all by the coins that are created by the currency model. This was a revolutionary idea when bitcoin was first invented, but now all cryptocurrencies can share their functionality. Huh. If you see the crumpled or unclear language on any project’s website, you may need to stay away from it as it can also be a scam.

What blockchain is it built on

Existing blockchains should be launched alongside new ICOs until they plan to build their own. The chain on which the coin is drawn helps determine which are the existing cryptocurrencies that will be used to participate in the ICO. Buying Ether, a new coin for the project that uses Ethereum’s blockchain is important. As such, it will first be interchangeable with Ethereum and cannot be any other cryptocurrencies. If it can use an obscure chain like NEO, it could easily limit the price.

Community Check

The community has been given an important indicator of the potential of cryptocurrency. Crypto coins have followings that come online on websites like and Reddit. Github is also a good resource, and for those who can read the code and see that the project is programmed very well. Social media is not very important, but it can be used at any time. What a coin can promote already has a close relationship with its final value, as investors usually talk about it. However, you have to be careful with all the bounties that are used to reward good words from crypto startups. Form your own opinion and it is important to take the opinion of others as well.

Distribution of Money

Certain smart contracts and specific rules are considered important to manage the distribution of coins, such as how much will be made available at what time and whether or not unsold coins should be discarded. Typically, the lower a coin is in its supply, the freer it will be and freely appear on the market.

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