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How Celebrity-owned Commerce Sites are Boosting Sales

Celebrities and their products have always been a huge marketing force for brands. With the rise of eCommerce, celebrities are starting to sell products themselves on their websites or through other online retailers like Amazon. 

Many people may wonder why these celebrities would even bother to start an online store when they can just rely on endorsements from big companies such as Nike and Apple, but there are many reasons why it makes sense for them to do so. In this article we’ll explore five reasons that celebrity-owned commerce sites are boosting sales!

1. How celebrities are using their fame to create successful eCommerce sites

The celebrity business model for commerce sites is very effective because they have a powerful marketing tool on their side that isn’t available to most people – fame! People are eager to buy things associated with celebrities, so it makes sense that the more famous you are, the bigger your potential audience is. 

Celebrity eCommerce sites are often successful because they sell products that we can’t get elsewhere (like unique and one-of-a-kind items) or by pairing the right celebrity with a product, like selling clothing lines from celebrities who wear those clothes in public.

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2. The benefits of shopping at celebrity-owned commerce sites

Besides combining two things that people like (products and their favorite celebrities), celebrity-owned eCommerce sites also offer us benefits beyond helping the stars earn more money. 

For example, when you buy products from a site run by an A-list star, part of what you’re paying for is access to special offers or exclusive content shared only with fans. Many of these sites also offer free delivery and returns, which can benefit the consumer. Finally, celebrities often donate a portion of their sales from eCommerce stores to good causes or charities – now that’s something we can all get behind!

3. Examples of popular celebrity-owned commerce websites

Some of these sites include Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters Shop, and Beyonce’s Ivy Park.

Celebrities do more than just create an online shop; they also use their fame and social media presence to promote it. For example, Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters site uses the “Shop Now” button prominently in all of her posts on Instagram or Twitter that link back to the site.

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4. Tips for buying from these stores including where to find discount codes and coupons online 

When you see a celebrity endorsement, it’s always smart to do some research on the site before making a purchase. Remember that many sites run by celebrities will be high-end and might not have price discounts available as often as other retailers. Also keep in mind that if there is free shipping or returns offered, they may only apply to items purchased at full price.

Many websites can help you find discount codes for celebs-owned commerce sites, but the best one we’ve found is Promo Codes Finder. This site offers a searchable directory of promo codes from thousands of different online stores!

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5. How the e-commerce websites work

Most e-commerce sites use Cloud Marketplace software, which is an online marketplace for selling digital products. It’s easy to see why this software is popular among celebrity-owned stores – it provides a smooth shopping experience. It makes managing the site back end much easier than running your own Magento or Shopify store!

Celebrities are increasingly starting their eCommerce sites because they offer many benefits to the stars, fans, and customers. These sites are often successful because they offer unique products, special offers, or exclusive content for shoppers who purchase from them.

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