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Final Fantasy XIV: Choose The Most Useful Crafting Class 

If you’ve ever played games like Final Fantasy XIV, you understand that many players strive to get the final raid completed as soon as possible, develop their character to the maximum, and level up with ease. For this, players around the world spend a huge amount of time. Some players can spend whole days playing to become the best. 

However, FFXIV is unlike any other game in the genre. Here you can enjoy the game and its storyline. If you also like simulation games, you will love this game as it will be interesting for you to develop your character, complete class tasks, craft items, trade with players, and much more. 

The most interesting part of the game is crafting items. Although not all players like it, because it is time-consuming. However, depending on your character’s class, you can craft fascinating items as well as take on exciting class quests. 

The most beneficial is that crafting allows you to earn a lot of FFXIV Gil. The in-game currency is the crucial thing in this game. Those who know how to craft can buy whatever they want. However, for a good income, you need to choose the most useful character class. 

We’ll walk you through all the classes and how useful they are so you can make the best choice. 

Choose the best class 


In the game world of FFXIV, the profession of a Culinarian is no less important than in real life. However, if you compare this profession with all available in the game, you will find that it is not the most useful. 

By joining this class, you will get the opportunity to craft all kinds of food. Food is especially important in the finishing phase of raids, so this is a great skill. In addition, you can get a huge amount of experience from this profession. However, after completing all the tasks available today, you will realize that this class is far from the title of the most useful. 


In terms of developing your character, this class is the most preferred. However, in terms of utility, it is far from perfect when compared to all the others. 

If you’re focused on getting a lot of in-game currency, then this class is the one for you. You will get the opportunity to create all sorts of valuable dye pots. For such items, players around the world will be willing to pay you a lot, so you will not need Gil so badly. This will allow you to spend the currency on other valuable items and resources. 


This class can also help you have a huge amount of Gil. The most profitable occupation will be the manufacture of furniture that you can sell at a high price. You can also craft wooden weapons like spears. 

However, this profession will not give you the ability to create the most sought-after weapons that you will need for end-game content. You will still need to buy such weapons or look elsewhere. However, you can sell furniture and buy the necessary weapons. 


You will be able to quickly level up your character, as there will be many recipes that you can create. You will be able to sell them on the Market Board FFXIV in the future. Moreover, you will have a good job that will bring you a stable income. You will be able to prepare animal skins for sale, so in the future, you will be able to sell them at a very high price in the market. 

In addition, you will be able to earn on less experienced players who have not yet become Leatherworkers. They will be much more willing to buy animal skins from you and will be willing to pay a lot of in-game currency for it. 


When you have such a character, you will already be much more successful than all other players. The Armorer can craft essential weapons and armor plates that are essential when new expansions are released. 

Everyone needs high-quality weapons as well as equipment, so these things are in high demand. Thus, you can earn great money. 


This class can be compared to the Armorer in terms of utility. What weapon makers do is just as important as what Blacksmiths do. FFXIV is a game about fighting against enemies, so these professions will always be in high demand. However, your character knowledge will not be enough, as you will not be able to create the Tomestones that you will need. 


At first glance, this class may not seem like the most useful class, but Final Fantasy XIV is full of surprises. By choosing the Goldsmith, you will see how quickly your character will gain new levels. 

Their advantage is the creation of jewelry from precious materials that you can sell at a very high price. In addition, you will learn how to create accessories that allow you to have multiple slots, which will allow your character to heal much faster on the battlefield. 


For some players, it is important to complete end-game content, and experienced FFXIV players are well aware that the way your character looks is much more important. A huge number of players spend a lot of Gil on cosmetic changes, accessories, and clothes. The Weaver will help you become the most glamorous character you will ever meet in the game world. 


All classes available in Final Fantasy XIV can be classified according to their utility. Depending on what skills and qualities you find useful, you can choose the class that suits you. You will find classes that will help you make a lot of Gil, create the most necessary weapons for combat, as well as sew excellent clothes for characters. 


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