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Filmustage is a new AI-based script breakdown service. It's the first of our kind, so be sure to learn more about it here!

Filmustage – first AI-based script breakdown service

Filmustage’s automatic AI-driven web service uses neural networks to speed up script breakdown routine from weeks to minutes

Every video project starts with a piece of paper: yeah, every line from Star Wars was firstly written on paper. But that was in the late ’70s! Nowadays the industry is accelerating and needs to keep up, but professionals still have to manually go word by word and scene by scene to break down all the necessary information, like props, costumes, talents, locations, sound, visual FX and etc. Filmustage aims to help professionals reduce this manual work with the power of modern text processing technology. 

Filmustage’s team believe that tradition should be a thing of the past, and all the manual work could be successfully done by computer. Their neural networks were trained on hundreds of existing well-formatted scripts to successfully extract all the important information out of the text. So be sure: it is Skynet-like efficient, but will not exterminate humanity. Just upload your .fdx or .pdf file, and get a beautifully formatted and broken down script in a matter of minutes. Then the choice is yours: either continue with Filmustage and use our super fast Scheduling feature or instantly export the result into spreadsheets, .pdf documents, even industry standard software like Movie Magic Scheduling.

Who can benefit from using that tool? Main client’s categories and their use cases:

  1. Line Producers who usually spend hours on manual script breakdown are impressed how Filmustage can provide automatic script breakdown in 3 minutes.
  2. 1stAD – often the burden of pre-production falls on their shoulders, but fast and half-automatic scheduling features could accelerate the process right now. It saves days and sometimes weeks of time. 
  3. VFX and Animation studios need modern resources estimation and process planning solutions – Filmustage can help.
  4. Filmustage is also a favorite of screenwriters because the speed and functionality of Breakdown & Scheduling help to make a preliminary estimation for investors – perfect for script pitching.
  5. PROPS, CAST, Location managers use Filmustage for rapid resources estimation and convenient process planning.
  6. Extremely useful for Payroll and Budgeting services: script breakdown is the key to budget calculation.
  7. And many-many others! Just choose your way of saving time with Filmustage.
  8. So it’s dead simple: sign up for free at, upload the script in PDF or FDX format, process it by AI, edit necessary parts and continue to work in your preferred way.

 Let’s move with the speed of industry by using the most innovative tools! 

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