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Faiz ul Hassan: From Humble Beginnings to Million Dollar Success with Wordsense

The Story of Faiz ul Hassan, the Entrepreneur behind Wordsense

Faiz ul Hassan, the CEO and Founder of Wordsense, is an inspiration for anyone who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. He founded a successful company from scratch, and his journey to success was filled with struggles, failures, and triumphs. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the story of the Entrepreneur behind Wordsense, Faiz ul Hassan, and learn how he built and scaled a million-dollar company at the age of 27.

From Humble Beginnings to Entrepreneurship

Faiz ul Hassan’s story began in a resource-scarce village where he grew up. He managed to get a personal computer at a young age, and this sparked his interest in hardware and software. Despite facing financial constraints, he taught himself about computers and became renowned as a young computer genius in his village. After a rough patch during his higher schooling years, he took on plenty of part-time jobs and continued with his computer gig, witnessing the unprecedented growth of the internet in his country. He also ventured into other side hustles, such as buying and selling cell phones, to learn about business and build value-adding relationships.

The Road to Wordsense

Faiz ul Hassan’s journey to founding Wordsense was not easy. He faced many obstacles, but he persevered and continued to work on different things that belonged to the communications network, such as Google, Facebook, and AdSense. From struggling, learning, succeeding, to failing, re-learning, and re-aligning, he learned the technical art of earning through Google, which would later pave the way for his company, Wordsense. Wearing multiple hats and juggling different balls, he used multiple streams of income to build his company, and finally, in 2013, Wordsense materialized before his eyes.

Faiz ul Hassan’s Entrepreneurial Philosophy

Faiz ul Hassan’s success as an entrepreneur is not just because of his technical skills, but also because of his entrepreneurial philosophy. He believes in self-accountability and having a no-victim mindset. For every error, every obstacle, and every failure that comes your way, it is ultimately you who is responsible for them. To thrive in any marketplace, it is important to nurture a no-victim mindset and take full responsibility for your choices. Despite facing an unsupportive society, Faiz ul Hassan never gave up on his dreams, and he continues to inspire others to do the same.

Faizul Hassan’s contributions to society go beyond his artistic endeavors. He is a philanthropist who actively participates in social causes, and his generosity has helped numerous people. In 2019, he established the Faizul Hasan Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation.

The foundation has undertaken several projects to uplift underprivileged communities. One such initiative is the construction of a school in a remote village in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The school provides free education to children who otherwise would not have had access to it.

Faizul Hassan’s commitment to making a positive difference in people’s lives is an inspiration to many. He has used his success as an artist to give back to society and create meaningful change. His work is a testament to the power of creativity and compassion in making the world a better place.


Faiz ul Hassan’s story is a living example of Chris Grosser’s famous quote, “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” He created his own opportunities and worked hard to build and scale a million-dollar company at the age of 27. His story is an inspiration for anyone who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, and his entrepreneurial philosophy of self-accountability and having a no-victim mindset is a valuable lesson for anyone who wants to succeed in any marketplace.

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