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Factors to consider when buying a threading machine

A pipe threading machine is used to cut, trim edges, and thread plastic and metallic pipes.

Due to the increased level of industrialization, the demand for machines had increased gradually to fulfill the need to make work easier and meet the company’s production level. This has included a saw, precisely a pipe threading machine.


Assessing the pipe threading machine prices in Kenya is a crucial aspect to consider when one needs to make when purchasing a circular saw. This is because, despite all the other considerations one has made, the money one has to buy is the final determinant.

Also, when buying a pipe threading machine, it is essential to consider if the machine’s cost rhymes with the machine’s quality. The cheaper the device, the more likely it is to be less durable than the average high-priced pipe threaders.


The size of the pipe threader should also be a top priority when selecting the machine to purchase. Different sizes of devices can perform various tasks. It is essential for the plumber first to identify the purpose of buying a pipe threader to choose the right size that will suit all his needs.

The larger size of electric pipe threaders will mean that they will consume more power than smaller portable threaders.


The quality of the threader should be a top priority when selecting a suitable machine. High-quality pipe threaders will be durable and work efficiently to work with. However, they might be more costly. On the other hand, low-quality pipe threading machines may work efficiently and be cheaper, but they will only last for a while before they break down.


The purpose of the pipe threading machine is also an essential factor to consider before purchasing one. This is because, for commercial purposes, a pipe threading machine must be of the highest quality to last long without breaking down. It will have to be used almost daily by the plumber, so it must be fast, safe, and work efficiently with minimal to no complications.

On the other hand, a pipe threading machine for personal use can be of low quality as it can only be used once or twice a month.


It is also essential to always check and go for the pipe threading machine that has a good warranty. Take your time selecting the device; always check keenly whether the warranty is indicated and how long the warranty lasts.

Availability of spare parts.

A pipe threading machine can always break down in the line of duty. Even the highest quality pipe threading machines can break down or get damaged. In a similar scenario, it is advisable to always go for the pipe threading machine with spare parts available locally. This will minimize the time wasted when repairing and preparing the appliance for work.

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Always be sure of what you are going for. Identify the purpose and the best quality before buying the machine.


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