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Everything You Need to Know about PCP Claims

PCP car finance was a massive draw for car dealers a few years ago. The reason was that it helped car dealers earn more through a commission that wasn’t disclosed to the buyer in the beginning.

On the other hand, the consumer only saw an easy way where they can purchase a vehicle in a monthly installment package.

While PCP car finance helped the dealer in a lot of financial ways, for the buyer, the deal wasn’t so suitable as the amount kept on increasing and they eventually could not afford it.

When the FCA got hold of the information and the fraud, they took action and to rectify it, they introduced the PCP claims.

PCP Claims

A PCP claims helps consumers who were missold on a car finance deal that resulted in massive financial loss. Through this claim, they can win back a good chunk of their earning if not all. 

The compensation will help you get your life back on track as it covers all the different areas of losses you sustained from Pcp fraud.

The compensation you receive from your PCP claims depends on the size of the loan, the length of the agreement between you and the vehicle dealership, and the interest rate that was offered to you by your vehicle dealer.

Eligibility for PCP Claims

Just like many other claims, you have to be eligible for that specific claim before you apply to claim compensation.

In the case of PCP claims, here are the general eligibility criteria,

  • You purchased a PCP contract within the last 5 years.
  • Your car dealer did not disclose important information regarding the contract including the hidden commission, fee structure, and total cost.
  • The annual interest rate was more than 4.9%.
  • The PCP car finance deal resulted in you losing money.

Your car dealer benefitted because of the above aspects. You can claim against your car dealer and win back your hard-earned income.

How to claim for PCP (Legal Assist)

To claim for your mis-sold PCP car finance, you need legal help as the claiming processes are lengthy and will demand a lot of your time. Also, you need to have enough knowledge about the matters in order to win the maximum compensation.

Now if you’ve made up your mind for a claim against your dealer for missold PCP, you need a PCP legal expert to help you throughout the procedure.

This is where Legal Assist comes into play. Residing in the heart of the UK, Legal Assist is one of the most active claims management companies with a proven record of claiming compensation for their client.

A Slue of Legal Services

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You can contact our 24/7 expert legal support who can help you with all sorts of legal queries you have in mind. So what are you waiting for, contact Legal Assist today and resolve your legal matters in an instant.

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