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The new year is here and there are changes to make. Find out how to properly update your email software for 2021.

Update your email software in the new year

The chances are pretty high that you are using basic software to send out your emails. While this is all well and good, with email so central to many businesses nowadays, surely it would be better to get something that is loaded with features to make your life, and the life of your employees, so much easier? If you want to create custom documents etc. on your site, you can check Salesforce document generation. If you want to create custom documents etc. on your site, you can check Salesforce document generation. 

Join countless companies that are looking to upgrade their email software in the new year. Here are a few of the reasons why. 

Email has become even more important for businesses

With more people than ever working from home, gone are the days where you could head to somebody’s desk to ask them whatever burning question you had. Now, if you are not lucky enough to ask the question in a Zoom meeting, you will have to drop an email. 

Many of your typical email systems are not built for this sort of conversation. Take Gmail, for instance, it is one of the most popular email systems in the world. The problem is that after you get past a few dozen responses, navigating an email thread can be difficult. It doesn’t really lend itself to the current way of doing business.

Updating your software will make it easier to communicate with other people and, perhaps more importantly, keep tabs on your conversations. This means that nothing will get lost in translation. 

Email collaboration

Again, this ties into the new way of doing business for many people.

Emails can be tough to share with others. You have to remember to forward to the people that need the email, and staying ‘on top’ of the various conversations can be tremendously difficult. 

More modern software enables better collaboration over email. No forwarding. No constant managing of conversations where somebody may be behind. Actual email collaboration between staff members.

The result? Higher levels of productivity for a company. 

Email Integrates with various business-focused services

Chances are that most businesses are starting to wake up to the benefits of other pieces of software for managing how they do things e.g. Salesforce.

The problem is that trying to integrate your basic software for email into these services is difficult. As a result, many companies will be doing some extra work. Sure, each time you need to do a bit of integration may take a couple of minutes, but when you are dealing with hundreds and hundreds of customers, this can add up. 

Modern solutions may be incredibly simple. In fact, most will handle the integration for your company. All you need to do is just send and receive emails. Upgrading your system means that it will never have been easier for you to manage your customer base.

Increase productivity

Pretty much the main reason why companies will need to upgrade their email systems is for increased productivity. In fact, pretty much everything a business does is geared towards increased productivity. This is probably the best way to increase profitability. 

Upgrading at the start of a new year means a business is going to be able to reap all of those amazing rewards for the year ahead. This means a full 12-months of increased productivity. This is going to do absolute wonders when it comes to the bottom line of a business. 


There are plenty of reasons as to why a company will want to upgrade their email systems in the New Year. The sooner a business gets an upgrade implemented, the sooner it can start to take advantage of all those features that could make a lot of money for the business.

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