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El Salvador has officially adopted bitcoin as legal tender. Dive into the details and learn all about this historic crytocurrency decision.

El Salvador Says The Number Of Bitcoin Wallets Will Double

Bitcoin is one of the most elating cryptocurrencies. However, people consider bitcoin as a method to make money. Undeniably, several bitcoin jobs can help you generate a considerable amount of revenue, such as bitcoin mining, bitcoin trading, and investing in bitcoin. 

All the more, some websites will help you get better results in trading. However, bitcoin is not just an investment asset or a source of income. The inventor of bitcoin organized bitcoin to make transactions easy without government authorities or any third parties. 

To make bitcoin achieve decentralization aspects, Satoshi Nakamoto implemented the first-ever blockchain. All the more, he added technologies like proof of work and a peer-to-peer network. As a result, Bitcoin is a tempting payment method. There are websites that will teach you how to engage in cryptocurrency in 2021 to help you in trading expeditions. You are familiar that El Salvador is the foremost cryptocurrency to adopt bitcoin as a legal tender.

 After adopting bitcoin as a legal tender, Salvadorans preferred the dollar over bitcoin, and only a million users were using the Chivo bitcoin wallet. However, the number of Chivo users just doubled in a few days. Learn more about Salvadorans using a new bitcoin wallet. Just read on to understand the facts about bitcoin and to know how to invest in bitcoin. 

Motives of El Salvador behind accepting bitcoin payments!

El Salvador is the first country to adopt bitcoin as a legal tender. Thus, El Salvador has taken a decisive step towards revolution by adopting bitcoin as a national currency. There are ample reasons why El Salvador adopted bitcoin as a legal tender. Let’s have a look.

International transactions 

International transactions or remittance is one of the prominent reasons why El Salvador has adopted bitcoin as a legal tender. You are familiar with the fact that traditional banking has several third parties in just one transaction. 

And this is one of the prominent reasons why international transactions with the help of the traditional banking system are so choppy. However, since bitcoin is politically independent and there are no government authorities or third parties in the bitcoin transactions, international transactions are much more convenient in the bitcoin network.

The fact might amaze you that El Salvador’s remittance amount reached $6 billion in recent years. You can predict the amount of transaction fees, sender and receiver had to pay to process transactions.

Remittance is the amount of money that Salvadorans working abroad send to their families or friends in El Salvador.  The transaction fees of the bitcoin complex are much less in contrast to the traditional banking system. To ease the remittance, El Salvador adopted bitcoin as a legal tender.


El Salvador is not a gigantic country with a superior economy. However, the acceptance of bitcoin as legal tender will change both the employment rate and the economy. The prominent reason behind this fact is that bitcoin mining plants will hire more workers. 

All the more, El Salvador is considering using geothermal energy for bitcoin mining. If the country succeeds in using geothermal energy to perform bitcoin mining, several companies and organizations will invest in El Salvador’s bitcoin mining plant. 

Chivo Wallet now has 2.2 Million Users. 

To embrace the ease of processing bitcoin transactions, El Salvador invented its bitcoin wallet. The higher authorities made a wallet, Chivo. Chivo wallet had a user base of 1 million at the first instance of adopting bitcoin as a legal tender. The prominent reason behind such a less user base from the entire country was the higher authorities of El Salvador are not forcing people to use only bitcoin. People can use bitcoin or dollar according to their convenience. However, the number of users doubled in just a few days. 

Chivo bitcoin wallet is giving a $30 sign-up bonus to every possible Salvadoran. The country’s financial authorities composed a budget of almost $70 million to distribute a $30 sign-up bonus to every Salvadoran. The country has more than 700 bitcoin units and almost 100 bitcoin ATMs. 

The portion, as mentioned earlier, is everything you should know about a sudden increase in the Chivo wallet user. 

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