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Our top 5 Disposable Vapes in Australia

The disposable vape industry in Australia is steadily growing and with that there comes a numerous number of products. We break down the popular disposable brands in Australia and which products we recommend.

Our top 5 Disposable Vapes in Australia

  1. IGET Disposable Vape

At the top of our list is probably the most popular disposable vape brand in Australia. This is the IGET Vape they have a large line of products with numerous sizes and flavours. But ultimately, it is their consistency and product reliability that we have decided to rank them first on our list. They produce good flavour and clouds which is integral to your vaping experience. The IGET Product line involves IGET Shion, Plus, XXL, King, Mega and Bar. They all have their unique features that differentiates themselves from one another to ensure there’s a vape in their product line that suits the Australian market.

  1. Gunnpod Disposable Vape

Ranked just below that is the Gunnpod disposable vape. Although they don’t offer a range as diverse as IGET they do provide a staple flagship product their Gunnpod 2000 with 30 unique flavours. Their range of interesting flavours including milk tea, pina colada and sweet-sour berry. These interesting flavour combinations they offer is what has allowed them to capture a large portion of the Australian disposable market.

  1. HQD Disposable Vape

The HQD Cuvie disposable vape was probably one of the first on the Australian market. But with a lack of innovation they slowly began to lose market share. As Australian vapers were looking for something with larger capacity but HQD weren’t able to offer that before IGET and Gunnpods. They still offer a great disposable vape but a smaller variety of flavours in comparison to IGET vapes and gunnpods.

  1. UWELL Disposable Vape (Gabriel)

UWELL mainly known for their refillable pod systems the caliburn. Have also entered the Australian Disposable Vape market. The quality of their products and brand image have caused them to erupt onto the scene. They definitely offer a very high-quality disposable vape. However, as they are more of a device manufacturer, they do lack quality flavours and e-liquid. But over time we do expect huge growth from UWELL.

  1. Puff Bar Disposable Vape

Although very popular in the United States they have not gained as much traction in the Australian market. Only offering in Australia is the Puff bar plus and a lot of fakes going around in the market. It is hard to differentiate what is a real and genuine. This has caused a lot of Australian Vapers to steer away from puff bar. The fakes are mainly a result of its extreme popularity in the American market. Resulting in uncertainty from Australian market.

These five companies all produce reliable disposable vapes offering their own unique features. Overall IGET Vapes do rank top of the Australian market. If you are looking to give up cigarettes iget legend or king would be our recommended product of choice. They offer great flavour and a very good initial vaping experience. 

How does the IGET XXL Vape Function?

The IGET XXL like all other disposable vapes function out of the box. They come sealed in an airtight bag and are activated via airflow. They come charged and you will know that the vape is finished when you inhale and the activation light located on the bottom of the device begins to flash. It may be tempting to continue to try to use the device even after the light flashes but it is strongly advised against! 

Overall, the IGET XXL is a good size to start for those looking to quit cigarettes. It’s well sized and for those a bit hesitant to switch to vaping with this capacity you give yourself 4-5 days to see whether vaping is for you and if not, you can just dispose of your iget xxl.

Now we’ve gotten that question out of the way let’s talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of the IGET XXL. This disposable vape comes in a very handy size with a capacity of 1800 puffs. This is a sweet spot in my opinion as it lasts a heavy vaper around 4-5 days and gives them ability to switch flavours accordingly. The IGET XXL also comes in 30 unique flavours which means they’ll be no shortage of flavours to suit your tastebuds. Allowing you to switch between flavours all year round and may I say that there are some very good flavours available.

My top 5 flavours for the IGET XXL are:

  1. IGET Kiwi Ice
  2. IGET Grape Ice
  3. IGET Mint Lemonade
  4. IGET passionfruit mango
  5. IGET Lush Ice

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