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Digital Mobile Billboard – Reach Out-of-Home Advertising Targets in Emerging Spaces

Digital mobile billboard is a great way to reach out-of-home advertising targets in emerging spaces. It can create a high level of brand awareness and engagement.

For example, a digital mobile billboard truck at a state fair can draw in customers who might be hungry for funnel cake and other treats. The trucks can also be strategically placed around a concert venue to capture audience personas.

What makes digital mobile billboards stronger

While the digital world of online advertising and email marketing has opened new avenues for businesses to reach their audiences, many are finding that there is still a lot to be said for traditional out-of-home (OOH) methods. Mobile billboards are one of the most effective ways to reach people as they go about their daily lives. In fact, they deliver a higher ROI than most other OOH options.

One of the biggest advantages of mobile billboards is that they can be targeted to specific locations and demographics. This gives brands more control over when and where their trucks are seen. For example, if a truck is seeing less traffic than usual in one area, it can be rerouted to hit denser areas to see better results.

Another advantage of mobile billboards is that they can attract the attention of a large audience in a short amount of time. This is because they are so big and bright that they can easily stand out among the cars, pedestrians, buildings, and other outdoor visual elements that surround them.

Additionally, mobile billboards can be easily viewed and understood from the driver’s seat of a vehicle or by a passing pedestrian. This makes them a more memorable form of OOH advertising than a standard poster or banner, and they can even be incorporated into other forms of OOH media, such as social media campaigns and street teams.

How to use digital mobile billboard

As people start venturing out again since the pandemic, billboard advertising is a great way to reach new audiences. With attention-grabbing visuals, your message will be seen by drivers and pedestrians as they travel through town. But unlike traditional billboards, digital mobile billboard trucks allow you to take your ad on the go.

The ad goes where the audience is, such as crowded parking locations, event tailgating sites, or busy streets. This guerrilla marketing approach helps you avoid community bans on other types of out-of-home advertising, such as static billboards.

A recent study by the OAAA found that 57% of people notice mobile billboard advertising and two-thirds of those engage in actions like searching for the advertiser online, using a QR code, visiting the website, downloading an app, and more. This high level of engagement is the result of strategically targeting your advertisement to places where your audience lives, works, and plays.

With programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) platforms that use anonymized data from smartphones, it is possible to pinpoint specific audiences along your billboard truck’s routes based on demographic details, traffic conditions, and events happening in the area. Adobe, for example, used multiple digital trucks to circle the Moscone Center and surrounding buildings during Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference.

Best digital mobile billboard ideas

Mobile billboards are a great choice for outdoor spaces because they generate high ROIs and can be positioned in the places that your target audience frequents. You can use them to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and generate sales or leads.

When choosing a digital mobile billboard for sale, consider the message and creativity you want to convey. You also need to determine your objectives and the specifics of the campaign, such as the number of days or locations. Make sure your message and visuals stand out against the background and are clear and concise to ensure they capture viewers’ attention.

Another way to enhance your digital mobile billboard is by adding video content. This will add a sense of depth and engagement to your campaign. Ford used this method to promote their new truck in 2021 by displaying videos of the truck’s features and capabilities on LED billboards on the sides of the trucks.

While most people think of digital mobile billboards as large trucks that drive around town, you can also take them out on the water or to a park to reach an even wider audience. For example, if you’re selling a boating service, you can park your billboard on a lake near a popular walking trail to attract potential customers.


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