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Description of O Light Baldr S

The Baldr S is one of the most powerful compact light/green beam combos on the market. Its white light output goes up to an amazing 800 lumens and is complemented by a low 100-lumen setting. It also works with any new-age lightning to three-pin LED setup, where you can use the two leads that come with the box to connect the flash to any extra lighting unit you may have. It may take a little bit of getting used to, but after using it for a while you will wonder why you were using battery power before. It is lighter, it is much cheaper and it is much more efficient.

The Baldr is a mixture light and laser planned for use typically on compact and full size attaches to your pistol’s rail with a quick release mount. The mount attaches in a snap with a side lever. O Light contains rail bars to fit standard Picatinny rails as well as GLOCK’s proprietary rail.

Baldr S:

Baldr S Rail Mounted Light 800 Lumens

The mount is large enough to hold the light evenly as it follows the user. This light can be quickly removed from the rail mount to allow for whatever additional lighting the user wants. As the focal length of the light is just a fraction of that of your smartphone, the small size of the light makes it easy to carry around.

Perfect for your front porch, this light installs on a steel rod right behind the fog light and connects to your vehicle’s brake lights. Built in bracket makes mounting super simple. Two outputs allows for a subtle flash of light in the summer or a bright flashlight in the winter. Dual light colors allows you to brighten your porch or living room just the way you want it. It’s an easy install, comes with everything you need and uses 12V DC power so you can remove it easily.

O Light Baldr S LT2H 5250L HX Smart Rear Half Light

Light up your side view mirrors with this great keychain light. These lights use two LEDs to keep you informed in addition to enhancing your view. The brightness indicator on the light show when it is on and the low battery indicator when it is low on power. There is a visual indicator light which indicates when your headlights are on, including fog lights. It is battery powered, making it easy to keep charged. There is also a keychain clip for use with a keychain. Two quick clicks on the bottom will lock the light in place.

O Light Baldr S and Laser combo Tactical Flashlight and Laser Light

  • For the laser guru, this is the perfect optic to round out your bolt-action rifles. Put this optic with your electronic red dot sight (that’s right, you can do both at once) to create the most versatile hybrid tactical gun system available today.
  • The Lightweight and Accurate LTC-132-LIGHT provides superb optics for the shooting enthusiast on a budget.
  • Stay on target at all times with this micro-adjustable tactical rifle optic that utilizes lasers to assist in detecting and tracking targets.
  • Easy to attach and switch to a head mount for precise adjustment and improved optics for both day and night shooting.
  • An optional scabbard accessory provides an integrated holster for easy carrying.
  • This laser combi optic with a laser may be mounted on all military style rifles, camo, varmint, AR-15, M16 and M4 types.

Properties of O Light Baldr S

  1. Quickly install in seconds
  2. Perfect for GL and PIC rails
  3. Small and easy to carry
  4. Easy to charge with the magnetic charging system
  5. Compact size makes Baldr S an Excellent light

Installation System of O Light Baldr S

The O Light Baldr s is actually fairly easy to set up, even for first time users. You will need a 12v battery in order to operate it and a way to mount it.

In this particular case the Baldr s is available in two different variants: the regular version for less than $100 or the version with an extension cable for $110.

Take note that for the power cord to work properly you will need to buy the correct power adapter for it, otherwise the light will not be able to operate.

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