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DC Charging adapter: 5 Tips Helping You Buy Better

When buying DC Charging adapter, you have several options – including wall plug DC Charging adapter or desktop DC Charging adapter, Or plugs for different countries. However, which one you end up buying can make or break the success of your project. Typically, your decision to use wall plug DC Charging or desktop DC Charging depends on several factors, including the type of application and the project environment.

In this DC Charging buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss various factors to consider when deciding whether to buy wall plug DC Charging adapter or desktop DC Charging adapter . We’ll also discuss the differences between each type and address questions about which is better, wall plug DC Charging or desktop DC Charging for home projects.

1.What Is DC Charging adapter?

There are two kinds of modern power adapters: one is DC charging adapter; The other is AC charging adapter. What is mainly introduced here is the DC charging adapter, whose function is to convert the original ecological power supply (crude power) with poor power quality, such as municipal power supply or battery power supply, into a high-quality DC voltage (refined power) that meets the requirements of the equipment.

UI refers to the DC voltage after rectification and filtering of mains power, uo refers to the converted DC output voltage, and DC-DC converter is used for power conversion. It is the core part of DC Charger adapter. In addition, there are startup, overcurrent and / or overvoltage protection, noise filter and other components.

The feedback loop detects the output voltage and compares it with the reference voltage. It is amplified by the error amplifier, and the on-off time ratio of the semiconductor is controlled by the pulse width modulation circuit and the driver, so as to adjust the output voltage or current.

There are many kinds of circuit forms of dc/dc converter, including PWM converter whose working waveform is square wave and resonant converter whose working waveform is quasi sine wave.

For the series linear regulated power supply, the transient response characteristics of the output to the input are mainly determined by the frequency characteristics of the regulator. However, for the quasi sinusoidal resonant converter, for the switching regulated power supply, the transient changes of the input are more reflected in the output end. When the switching frequency is increased, the frequency characteristics of the feedback amplifier are improved, The transient response of the DC Charger adapter can also be improved. The transient response of load change is mainly determined by the characteristics of the output LC filter, so the transient response characteristics can be improved by increasing the switching frequency and reducing the LC product of the output filter.

2.What Is Better wall plug DC Charger Or desktop DC Charging?

The desktop charging adapter is the power adapter that the body needs to be placed on the desktop. The difference between the desktop charging adapter and the plug-in charging adapter is that the desktop charging adapter needs an AC line to connect with the mains power. The plug-in charging adapter is the DC charging adapter that the body can be directly plugged into the plug-in board.

Plug in charging adapters are particularly widely used in security products, communication products, small household appliances and consumer electronics products, especially in portable consumer electronics and communication products, which are generally less than 10W. For example, tablet computers and Speaker use 5vdc charging adapters or 10vdc charger for power supply, while computer peripherals, security products and small household appliances generally use power adapters less than 36W, Especially today, when energy conservation and environmental protection are advocated, products in this power segment are common. Notebooks, TVs and other products generally use power adapters below 120W, while those above 100W mostly use built-in power supplies, but there are also external power adapters below 200W, but the number is relatively small.

You can check it in more detail:DC Adapter for Your Electronics Project guide 

3.What kind of DC charging adapter should I use on different devices?

The DC charging adapter you choose refers to converting the AC input voltage in your home into the DC output voltage required by the device, which means that selecting a suitable DC charging adapter plays a particularly critical role in the normal operation of your device. If your current device doesn’t have a DC charging adapter, but you don’t know what parameters to choose, pacolipower usually recommends that you first determine the rated voltage and current of the device that needs to be powered

for instance

I now have a printer. The voltage he needs is 15V and the current is 1a. I live in the United States

Then I will get the following information

The basic national voltage is 120V (then I can buy a power adapter with an input voltage range of 120v-240v)

The input voltage supported by the printer is: 15V (then I should choose DC15V charger adapter)

The input current supported by the printer is: 1A (then the output current of the DC charging adapter I choose should be 1a)

So far, the goal is very clear. What you need is a DC charging adapter with a parameter of 15V output voltage 1a and an output voltage supporting the 120v-240v range.

4.Where To Buy Good DC Charging adapter?

At Pacoli Power adapter manufacturer in china, we have many years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of DC charging adapters, including AC chargers. Whether you’re looking to source a DC charger for home equipment, industrial equipment, or medical device applications, we have the power adapter for the job. We offer a wide variety of DC charging adapter types and sizes, such as wall DC charging adapters or desktop DC charging adapters.

As a reputable adapter manufacturer, we implement the highest standards of QA on every charger we produce. The wall plug DC charging adapter you choose may depend on the application you source the adapter for, but our high quality standards apply to all adapters and chargers we manufacture. So, if you are looking to buy a quality DC charging adapter at a very competitive price, you’ve come to the right place!

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