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Have a presentation soon? If you need some inspiration for designing your next presentation deck, discover these inspirational and creative templates.

15 Creative PowerPoint Templates from SlideTeam

We’ve all been there. You have an important presentation coming up, but you struggle to find a functional and visually appealing template. And then it hits you: why not create your own? But where do you start?

Well, if you need some inspiration for designing your next presentation deck, read this post and discover inspirational and creative templates from this website.

Whether creating a marketing campaign or pitching your business idea to investors, these slides will take the stress out of designing an engaging presentation. They are easy to customize so that they can be tailored to any industry or company needs. With these PPT slides in hand, you can ensure that your next PowerPoint deck flows seamlessly with ease.

As templates have become more sophisticated, so has storytelling with PowerPoint slides. Sales professionals, marketers, and brand managers know that a well-told story is a key to generating interest in your product. A powerful story that resonates with customers will help in driving sales.

Here we will highlight creative templates for presentation design as an example of what’s possible with today’s technology. Read on to find out how you can use these themes to build stronger customer relationships and sell your products by telling compelling stories about them.

Let’s start scrolling through the presentation slides.

Template 1

This creative service proposal PowerPoint presentation deck is designed with the end goal of fostering customer relationships for manufacturers in diverse markets. These slides are best suited for industries wherein organizations collaborate with different professionals who help make significant decisions related to what customers would like next. They also allow you to showcase your organization’s values and philosophy through explicit representations of service approach offerings, including clarity of communication, accountability, mutuality, and innovative design!

Template 2

Design an informative and persuasive presentation with this creative agency PPT theme. Easily present your strategic plan for future business directions, marketing tactics, company history, and more with this PPT theme This layout features unique graphs and charts that illustrate proposed strategies, from revenue models to basic statistics.

Template 3

This complete deck helps you increase your business revenue. It consists of professionally designed templates, including appropriate visuals and content. This entire 12-slide preset provides thoughtful illustrations and topically relevant content. You can use these professionally designed layouts as they are or make them completely custom according to your needs by adding new images or changing anything from the fonts to the backgrounds on the slides.

Template 4

We all know how difficult it can be to present a creative portfolio. This PPT theme is the perfect solution, easing you into presenting your best work under stress-free conditions. All designs are completely editable for your convenience. With 14 slides, this unique portfolio PPT design is a complete package of designs showing off an impressive breadth of work in just one spot! We know that meeting expectations isn’t easy, so we’ve taken care of all that for you with these layouts.

Template 5

This reverse mentoring planning PPT template is the perfect way to approach employee training. The presentation design provides an outline for trainees and their mentors to easily track progress, document discussions with sketches and notes, and strategize future meetings in a guided format.

Template 6 

If you are facing challenges in starting your new venture, this illustrative PowerPoint theme is for you. An entrepreneur will always need to be an analytical thinker and problem solver, so use these themes when presenting ideas to understand and resolve all possible obstacles.

Template 7 

This PowerPoint presentation layout is perfect for highlighting the main points of any type of group discussion. The complete deck provides a holistic experience that will boost your confidence in public speaking tasks. It comprises 12 slides and every detail is editable to suit your needs, including fonts and colors.

Template 8 

Help your employees master the essential skills that will help win strategic battles for your company! SlideTeam has created dynamic PowerPoint presentations to reveal the specific capabilities needed to succeed in different situations. Whether you need a slide of a particular behavior to train people or want charts representing knowledge and skillsets, this presentation deck will equip you with everything.

Template 9 

Transform your corporate strategy with these powerful operational alignment PowerPoint presentation slides, which are the perfect solution for business leadership. These eye-catching slides highlight critical aspects of alignment procedure like understanding strategy, IT, and business plans. They also help you depict general objectives, the purpose of projects, the description or rationale of projects, and the programs of units dependent on stated goals. All this in one place.

Template 10

Understanding the customer journey is difficult. However, by using this innovative PowerPoint presentation design, you can communicate to your team how customers go through a buying process. This customer journey analysis presentation theme is perfect for companies who want to improve their product performance and stay on top of trends in competitive business intelligence.

Template 11

You can introduce your students to this creative PowerPoint layout or use it to present your views on issues in the changing world. You can also deploy this PPT design to pull together ideas for a new project with your team. This PowerPoint theme will guide you through all aspects of the ecosystem. The informative PPT layout offers crucial information on what is happening right now and potentially shaping the future.

Template 12

This is a must-have PPT design for entrepreneurs, organizations, or professionals looking for efficient online marketing tactics. The slides are designed with utmost precision to provide an efficient way to understand the various aspects of marketing. It includes information on how artificial intelligence affects businesses, new methodology updates, and research output analysis among many other factors.

Template 13

This PPT theme includes a data-gathering slide and a creative slide for strategizing your organization’s strengths and weaknesses from external and internal frames of reference. Prioritize your objectives to manage your process with visible metrics with this strategic management system and processes PowerPoint presentation theme.

Template 14

Creating a strong company culture is like raising the tide, and every organization is only as good as its people. Elevating your workforce talent will naturally increase revenue. Not sure how to get started? This PowerPoint presentation offers strategies for creating an engaged workforce with the strategic company culture plan. Download now!

Template 15

Earn your customers’ attention and trust with this multichannel engagement marketing plan PowerPoint presentation. This PPT deck has 12 slides with creative visuals and engaging content that will help you build an integrated campaign that works across multiple touchpoints for increased customer engagement. 

Summing Up

The 15 templates in this guide will help you create engaging presentations for your audience. Whether you need a presentation theme for an event presentation or want something more professional-looking, SlideTeam’s PowerPoint templates are sure to provide just what you’re looking for! Download them now and start working on creating unforgettable presentations today.

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