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Find out how to choose the best country to outsource your eCommerce development. We provide you with an analysis of the most popular outsourcing destinations to help you make up your mind.

Best Countries to Outsource eCommerce Development To in 2022

Outsourcing is an essential part of the present day. eCommerce businesses all over the world need highly qualified specialists and look for the best outsource eCommerce development company that will bring their ideas to life with the help of leading-edge technologies. 

The outsourcing market alone is currently expected to grow in value by approximately 8.5% between 2022 and 2028. When optimizing your development budget, outsource eCommerce development services is the first thing that comes to mind and actually makes sense.

So, which country is the best for outsource eCommerce development? In this article, we dive into the world of outsourcing eCommerce development and shed light on the best destinations to consider. 

What to consider when choosing a country to outsource eCommerce development?

When looking for a place to outsource your eCommerce project, you should consider the following factors.

  • Top rankings
  • Quality and rates
  • Technical skills  
  • English level
  • Cultural differences and work ethic
  • A convenient geographic location

Best countries to outsource eCommerce development to

We compiled a list of three eCommerce outsourcing countries that pose serious competition to traditional industry leaders due to their technical skills, English proficiency, geographic location, and rates.

What are the best countries to outsource eCommerce development?

  1. Ukraine
  2. Poland
  3. China
  1. Ukraine

When looking for qualified developers to outsource eCommerce web development, Ukraine outperforms some of the leading outsourcing countries.

Top ranking: In 2019, according to IAOP, 21 Ukrainian companies got into the list of 100 best outsourcing companies in the world. Ukrainian eCommerce web development companies are an excellent choice for outsourcing because their businesses are always quality-oriented. Ukraine has the greatest potential in the outsourcing sphere in Eastern Europe. 

Quality and rates: Ukraine is known as one of the best places to outsource eCommerce web development due to its affordable rates and high-quality performance. The average hourly rate is about $25-45, which is almost twice as lower than the rates in Europe and US. However, such convenient prices do not affect the quality of work. The salaries in Ukraine are overall smaller than in the US. So, you get great specialists for an amazing price. 

Technical skills

Ukraine is filled with highly qualified software developers. Based on recent data, at least 200K specialists work in this industry. Ukraine constantly appears in various rankings of the best software developers by country. SkillValue ranked Ukraine 5th on the leaderboard and gave it the average score of 93.17% for Ukrainian developers on this platform. Ukraine is ranked 11th in the world by HackerRank, quite ahead of traditional coding giants like India and the US.

English level: According to EF EPI Ukraine’s English level is moderate proficiency and is ranked #40 out of all countries in the world, with an EF EPI score of 525. It means that Ukrainian developers can easily participate in professional meetings and communicate with English-speaking team members.

Cultural differences and work ethic:

Ukraine is an Eastern European country, and it leans towards European values and mindset. In business, this is expressed in the adoption of European standards and adherence to Western practices and approaches. So, there is a high probability that you will easily find a common language with the Ukrainian vendor.

A convenient geographic location: Ukraine is located in the GMT+2 / GMT+3 time zone and has large business hours overlap with Europe. For countries farther away, such as the US or Canada the time difference will be more significant. But it won’t be much of a problem because Ukrainian companies have already accumulated enough experience in remote cooperation to ensure convenient and effective communication. 

2. Poland

Poland is filled with qualified specialists and is considered one of the most popular destinations for outsourcing eCommerce development services. However, given the high demand for this country, today Poland is known as one of the most overpriced destinations in Eastern Europe for outsourcing.

Top ranking: SkillValue ranked Poland 3th on the leaderboard and gave it the average score of 93.38% for Polish developers on this platform. Poland is ranked 3rd in the world by HackerRank.

Quality and rates: 

Based on the data from Glassdoor know that the average monthly salary of software developers from Poland is $2463. The average hourly pay is $25-$50 according to PayScale. On Clutch, the cost of outsource eCommerce web development in Poland ranges from $35 to $100 per hour.

Technical skills

It is impossible to make a list of the best countries for outsourcing eCommerce development without Poland. There are currently 255,000 IT professionals. Poland provided the world with IT specialists with strong educational backgrounds. 

English level: According to EF EPI Poland’s English level is high proficiency and is ranked #16 out of all countries in the world, with an EF EPI score of 597. This score allows Polish developers effortlessly make a presentation at work and participate in professional meetings seamlessly.

Cultural differences and work ethic: Poland is an Eastern European country, and it has almost the same mentality as many other European countries. So, there won’t be any communication problems.

A convenient geographic location: 

Poland is a member of the European Union, which makes it an ideal location for Western European companies that share the legal and geographical space with the country.

3. China

China is the leading emerging economy in the world. The presence of budgetary and human capital makes it an efficient place for outsourcing.

Top ranking: China is ranked #1 in the world by HackerRank. However, SkillValue ranked China 43th on the leaderboard and gave it the average score of 76,22% for Chinese developers on this platform.

Quality and rates: 

As China now performs great in the IT market, wage rates in this country are rising significantly and can be considered the highest in Asia. According to Glassdoor, the average hourly rate of a Chinese developer is $60.

Technical skills

China is gradually focusing on using the latest technology to provide a superior customer experience. With constant updates, outsourcing services in China expertly develop eCommerce projects. The Global skills Index study shows that China is a high-tech country with skilled professionals and an innovative vision.

English level: According to EF EPI China’s English level is moderate proficiency and is ranked #49 out of all countries in the world, with an EF EPI score of 513. 

Cultural differences and work ethic: The biggest problem with outsourcing to China is that it sometimes does not comply with intellectual property laws. To avoid the possible risks hire a well-established outsource eCommerce web development company and set explicit regulations before launching a project.

A convenient geographic location: 

China is located in the GMT+8 time zone. For example, the time difference between China and the United States is 12 hours. It makes real-time communication quite difficult. 

Final thoughts

There are many details to consider when choosing an outsourcing destination. eCommerce business owners need to find a region with skilled and accessible technical professionals, a high level of English proficiency, and cultural similarities.

Out of all the countries, Eastern Europe seems to be the most balanced in terms of accessibility and qualifications for outsourcing eCommerce development.

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