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Common Reasons Your Phone May Need A Repair

Mobile phones or smartphones are not a cheap investment. Therefore, when people make this huge investment they want to hold on to their devices for as long as possible. However, we know that mobile phones are not error-free devices. They are prone to faults and errors. In case of a fault, we have to get our phone repaired to make it function properly.

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our daily lives. We feel so helpless if our devices stop working or do not function properly due to issues that need repair. The reason is that we have become too much dependent on our smartphones that we think it to be impossible to live without these handheld gadgets. They are multipurpose in nature and used for many different purposes for example, making calls and sending messages, saving and managing data, sharing and receiving information, using social media apps, and much more.

Reasons for Mobile Phone Repair

Sometimes our phones get faulty and become unable to perform even basic functions. As we have so much dependency on our phones, most of our work become pending due to problem with the phone.

Some issues are not of much severity and we can use DIY methods to solve them. However, some of them may require the services of an expert mobile repair technician to identify and solve the issue.

We have created a list of some common issues that may occur in your device and then your mobile phone will need a repair. Have a look at the following points to develop a better understanding when you face any of the below-mentioned issues.

1.     Damage due to Shock/Fall

Sometimes our phone collides with a hard object or falls accidentally. In both cases, the device gets badly damaged and becomes unusable most of the time. You then have to take your phone to the repair shop or service center in order to get it analyzed. The technician then tells you after analyzing the phone, how much damage has been done and whether or not the mobile is in repairable condition.

In most cases of a mobile fall, it becomes very difficult to repair the phone. The glass of a mobile phone is designed to withstand a certain level of shock, but if the shock is greater, the damage is greater as well.

2.     Charging Port Problems

When you face issues regarding the charging of your phone, there is a possibility that there could be a problem related to the charging port.

The charging port of a mobile phone has a small metal connector that connects to the charging cable of the charger. If that metal connector is broken or has some issues, then the charging will not be done properly.

In this case, you have first to assess a few things. First, look for any dust, debris, or corrosion causing a blockage in the metal connector. This can be the reason why your charger will not be connecting properly to the USB connector; resultantly charging will not be done properly.

Also, check if your charger is in perfect condition. Sometimes a faulty charger can also cause such issues.

3.     Battery Dying Quickly

Another common mobile phone repair issue is related to the phone battery. If the battery dies quickly even with less use and takes more time to charge, this is a clear indication that there is some serious issue with your device’s battery.

In most cases, when the phone gets old, its battery becomes weak with time and needs replacement. Battery if gets faulty, can be replaced not repaired.

Another reason for battery dying quickly is that you may need to use your mobile phone more. If you are into the habit of using your phone for playing games and watching HD videos for longer intervals of time, then this could also be the reason for your battery going down quickly even after fully charging it.

Always charge with the original charger and check for a faulty charger if such an issue arises.

4.     Touch Screen Not Working

The mobile phone screen repair issue is very common in the new generation of smartphones. We know that the latest mobile phones or smartphones have capacitative touch screens. The only way to interact with the device is through these screens. They work both as an input and an output device.

If the touch screen becomes faulty due to any reason, we become helpless because it becomes very difficult to interact with the device or perform any function.

The touch screen not working properly or not working at all is also a common issue that needs repair. There are sensors in the touch screens. if they become faulty, the screen will not work. In most cases, you have to get your phone screen repaired to get it to function properly.

5.     Phone Restarting Randomly

Imagine that you are working on an important document or you are in the middle of a business meeting on Zoom and your screen becomes dark suddenly and the phone goes into restarting mode. Obviously, this would be very irritating and frustrating. If this happens very often, this is a sign that there could be some malware in your phone that is causing the issue. You have to get your phone checked by an expert mobile repair technician in order to identify and resolve the issue.

Another reason could be that your phone may be an older or outdated one. Older or outdated phones can also face this or many other types of issues. Whatever may be the reason, you have to get it checked first to identify the actual reason.


Mobile & iPad repair issues are the one that needs special expertise and technology to solve. Skill and time are the two main factors that are involved in the mobile phone repair process. That is why we recommend that you should always take your phone to a company-authorized service center or to an expert technician whenever you face any of the issues mentioned above.


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