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Coins Royal- Review – Making an Impact in The Online Trading Sphere [2022]

In order to grow our savings, we look for various investment avenues. The easiest and most accessible investment opportunity presents itself in the form of online trading platforms. These platforms are run by brokerage firms and act as an intermediary between the client and the market. Each platform comes with unique features, different pricing plans, different minimum deposit limits etc. 

Most of us are so sick and tired of searching for that perfect platform. 

As finance enthusiasts, we often delve deep into Google to search for top rated platforms and brokers offering most value. With a dearth of reliable trading sites and platforms, one can only be confused about where to begin and who to trust. During such research, perhaps you would have come across the name: Coins Royal.

Coins Royal: Who Are They?

They are an online trading platform with a variety of trading products on offer. Their clientele includes small, medium and large investors. Each investor is catered to according to their needs.

They are trying hard to make a name for themselves in the online trading world by offering competitive spreads and excellent customer service.

Trading Markets Access

With Coins Royal, the trader gets access to a wide range of trade markets and trading products, including cryptocurrencies.

Their 24/7 customer services team is available to answer any questions the traders may have. Equipping all traders with advanced trading tools and market knowledge, Coins Royal ensures you make informed decisions for yourself. Regardless of your preference for particular trade products such as forex pairs, you are under no obligation to trade in a particular way. The client holds the power to grow their portfolio in the way they themselves wish. 

The Trading Platform

Coins Royal uses an online trading platform accessed via web browser. This platform is superior to many others in the market due to the following reasons:

  • Open a trade and define risk management parameters seamlessly
  • For both new and professional stock traders
  • Indicators and various chart types allow the user to make informed decisions

Mobile Application

Their trading platform is also available on mobile, for all your trading needs on the go. Available for download on both iOS and Android.

Why Coins Royal?

Coins Royal is leading the way in fast becoming one of the best brokers in the market for trading Forex and CFDs. This is mainly due to their ability to offer the client competitive spreads. So a trader need not worry about calculating how much money he will make at the end of the day. Coins Royal has upped the standard by their competitive offerings.

Different Trading Accounts

Coins Royal offers a range of trading accounts for their diverse clientele. This ensures that the investor is getting access to products and features depending on their experience in the trading world. 

Tailored to your financial and trading needs, these accounts fall under the following categories:

  • Accounts for beginners
  • Accounts for experienced traders
  • Accounts for institutions

The Downsides

Coins Royal does not come equipped with a STOPLOSS feature, which means your investment could easily go in the red. The investor needs to be very careful building up their portfolio as there will be no warnings in case of a dip. Also, their basic accounts do not have very attractive pricing plans. 

Is Coins Royal Right For You?

Simply put, yes it is a good broker. Fast growing and offering new products, they are trying to compete with the best platforms in the market. Everything has its pros and cons. With online trading platforms getting more popular by the day, its not possible to discover one that is perfect in all respects. 

Coins Royal does have its flaws as any other online trading platform. The final call is yours, it’s up to you to decide whether the benefits of Coins Royal outweigh the costs. 

Allowing ease of access to a multitude of trading products with a flawless online platform design. Real time synchronization allows timely decision making, essential for any trader in the online sphere. For more details, visit their website for more details and start your journey into the world of possibility.

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