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Coinbase, which is a digital currency and exchange, has risen to the top of the pack. Are there suitable alternatives for your cryptocurrency?

Which are the top 4 coinbase alternatives?

In recent years, Coinbase, which is a digital currency and exchange, has risen to the top of the pack.  All investors are being provided with good security by Coinbase, such as safely storing cryptocurrencies, buying and selling of cryptocurrencies also become relatively easy and safe through this. The San Francisco headquarters has provided business partnerships with a few companies, most notably Overstock and Dell. This business is fully capable of functioning as a marketplace where sellers and buyers can exchange digital currencies with fiat money as easily as ever. So, if you are planning to trade or mine Bitcoin, then you may visit

Top Coinbase Alternatives

Following are some of the exchanges which we have selected keeping in mind the above guidelines every investor should consider.

Gemini —

Founded by the Winklevoss Twins, a US-based exchange, it was previously a fully regulated exchange. This is a move that is considered necessary to legalize cryptocurrencies all over the world. Some of the following cryptos with which the exchange does trading are Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum and Ripple. Gemini is best suited for crypto whale constraints and large institutions. Gemini provides cryptocurrency buyers and sellers with an easy-to-use desktop trading platform. You can convert, sell digital currency and set up recurring purchases. One of the best mobile apps like this is available with Gemini. Users can use this app on their tablets or smartphone. You can also exchange, buy and sell digital currencies using this app. Users can only make price alerts on the cryptocurrencies tracked.

Gemini Pros:

  • Good security measures
  • Regulation is similar to belief for investors


With Robinhood, one can trade both crypto and stocks. You can try with Robinhood to make the best of both crypto and traditional finance. Before discussing its features with you, we would like to give a warning that you cannot withdraw your coins on this platform, also this feature will be released soon. Similarly, if you buy altcoins on any other exchange, you must sell your crypto before that. Interestingly, the platform allows using its stock funds to buy crypto. If you want to use the Robinhood app, you will first need to download it, which requires you to securely manage all your investments in one place. 


Bitstamp was established in the year 2011. This is a very popular exchange based in Luxembourg, one of the few exchanges and one of the oldest and a good cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. It only trades in some of the following coins: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. However, it still has only 14 crypto pairs to list. Coinbase is considered a very strong option given the limited market reach and low volume, especially because of the free cryptocurrency deposits, withdrawals and relatively low fees. This means you can send the platform to test out without spending any money on crypto.

 Bitstamp Pros:

  • There are many other methods of fiat deposit and withdrawal
  • Transparent, Low Fee
  •  Security and good reputation


Binance’s top contender is considered to be Coinbase, which all users fully agree with, as it is fully supportive of the exchange in terms of the verified trading volume. Recently, even though the exchange where the bitcoins were stolen was hacked, Binance returned all the stolen bitcoins to its users, promising to increase security measures. In addition, Binance provided the option of leveraged trading to compete with BitMEX. It is working on competing with IDEX and building a decentralized exchange.

Binance Pros:

  • Competitive Fee Option with BNB Token
  • High Liquidity
  • More than 165 cryptocurrencies
  • Desktop Apps and Mobile App
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees

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