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Is Cloud Computing a rewarding career option in 2022

Cloud computing is the future of computing and has come a long way in the last few years. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted industries globally. The economy and job opportunities were significantly facing a downfall.

Nevertheless, rescue came, and cloud computing took the world by storm. Organizations could now flexibly scale and maintain their business efforts. Besides, this has become an essential model for all businesses. The industry needs to rethink its business models to stay afloat, and they need to think about what it should do with its data. The best way is to embrace cloud computing and use it for everything.

Cloud computing has made handling big data easier and more accessible for companies. It is easier for them to process large amounts of data because there are no hardware barriers anymore with cloud computation.

cloud computing career

Numerous leading institutions are offering cloud computing and specialization courses. Enthusiasts can obtain cloud computing certification for diverse work professions.

Cloud computing has significantly impacted both career and business sectors. With the help of numerous technologies, it could reach the zenith. Some of them include:

  • Service orientation
  • Web 2.0
  • Utility computing
  • Virtualization
  • Distributed systems and their peripherals, etc.

cloud computing career

It helps store, access, and operate the data of all businesses. Thus, cloud computing shows enormous successful scopes in the future. Besides, outstanding job opportunities are a rewarding career option.

This article will discuss how cloud computing is impactful. Further, it’ll analyze how rewarding it is as a career option. Let’s dig in.

cloud computing career

Impact of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has gained more prominence after the pandemic. It has deliberately brought about the remote working model. And now, cloud services have become even more demanding.

In 2022, cloud computing is expected to grow by 35%. Thereby making it the most demanded skill in the IT sector. While remote working is spiking, cloud professionals are in demand. Some of the in-demand top skills include:

  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence or machine learning
  • Cloud migration
  • SAP
  • Azure/AWS, etc.

cloud computing career

Cloud professionals can enhance their growth with exciting career opportunities. Thus enthusiasts are looking forward to starting a career in cloud computing.

It has significantly impacted numerous industry verticals, including:

  • Social media and networking
  • Education
  • Media and entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Communication, etc.

With career opportunities across many industries, it’s a great career option.

cloud computing career

Skills required to starting a career in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers a diversified field of career opportunities. However, enthusiasts must possess specific skills and abilities. To become an efficient cloud computing professional, one must have:

  • Knowledge of virtualization
  • Programming skills
  • Networking skills
  • Fundamental knowledge of privacy and security
  • Database familiarity
  • Technical understanding
  • Understanding operating systems

cloud computing career

Outcomes of learning Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a highly beneficial career option. Enthusiasts learn numerous things, including:

  • The ways to apply basic concepts in cloud infrastructure. This helps in understanding the tradeoffs in efficiency, power, and cost.
  • The ways to describe fundamental concepts of the cloud computing paradigm.
  • The techniques of analyzing numerous cloud programming models and using them to solve issues on the cloud.
  • The methods of illustrating the core concepts of cloud storage. Besides demonstrating how to use inefficient storage systems.
  • The ways of discussing networks, systems, and storage virtualization. Also, how to enable cloud computing system models.

cloud computing career

Roles and responsibilities of Cloud Computing professionals

Here’s a comprehensive listing of all the roles and responsibilities of cloud computing professionals:

  • Implementing strategies for cost-control
  • Designing and deploying scalable, reliable, and fault-tolerant applications on the cloud
  • Migrating multi-tier and complex applications on cloud platforms
  • Curating and installing scalable operations on cloud platforms
  • Using cloud services for designing and stationing applications according to given requirements.

cloud computing career

Prospects of Cloud Computing professionals across different industries

Around 90% of global businesses have incorporated cloud services. They spend more than 33% on cloud services. Moreover, the demand for cloud computing experts is spiking. Thus, it’s the most desirable career option in 2022. Some of the career prospects in the cloud are:

1. Cloud Computing Professionals

The go-to professionals are entirely related to cloud technology. They help in developing a deep knowledge of the business users. Besides, they also establish cloud platforms and integrated systems for their organizations.

Average Annual Payscale: Rs. 5,39,366

2. DevOps Engineers

People interested in software development and information technology can excel as DevOps engineers. The professionals introduce tools and methods for balancing software development cycles. It includes coding, installation, maintenance, and updates.

Average Annual Payscale: Rs. 6.06,412

cloud computing career

3. Cloud Engineers

The IT professionals are usually regarded as IT professionals. They are responsible for all aspects of cloud computing. They also play the role of a cloud software engineer and cloud architect.

Average Annual Payscale: Rs. 7,50,000

4. Cloud Security Engineers

These professionals build, upgrade, maintain and improve cloud networks and systems. They also secure cloud platforms, software, and infrastructure.

Average Annual Payscale: Rs. 7,50,000

5. IT Professionals

The IT professionals usually work with the computer systems. They troubleshoot and design new strategies for IT. The demand for IT engineers is spiking. So enthusiasts must gain proper education and training.

Average Annual Payscale: Rs. 6,91,686

cloud computing career

6. Cloud Solutions Architects

The professionals usually convert design and architecture to guide the final product. They also bridge gaps between complex business issues and cloud solutions.

Average Annual Payscale: Rs. 17,88,577

7. Full Stack Developers

The IT professionals usually work with the back-end or server-side of the applications. Besides, they also deal with the front-end or the client-side. They need a vast knowledge of coding niches.

This profession is in huge demand amongst IT professionals.

Average Annual Payscale: Rs. 6,00,000

The cloud market is growing. It is expected to grow by 26%  by 2022. It’s a rewarding career option for aspiring candidates. Enthusiasts can explore this field. But one needs to follow each route to reach their goal.

cloud computing career

In final words

Cloud computing is impacting all industries without any doubt. Aspirants need to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science. If not, one can also get online certification from ed-tech platforms like Simplilearn, Udemt, Upgrad, Coursera, etc. And then they need to equip themselves with relevant skills. Aspirants can prepare and analyze themselves. And expand their knowledge and validate their skills. With so many cloud computing career options at your bay, you can succeed.

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