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Electric scooters are an incredibly convenient tool for transport. Find out how to charge your electric scooter and how much it costs.

How much does it cost to charge an electric scooter?

Interested in the best electric scooter for heavy adults but wondering if electric scooters are really worth it? Of course yes. You save a large part of your time and money, contribute while respecting the environment without polluting, and avoid risks of accidents. Still not sure if it is worth it?

The great advantage of electric scooters is that they are recommended for all ages, there are specific models for children and others for adults or some that are suitable for both.

In the beginning, electric scooters were created for the leisure and fun of their users, it should be noted that, today, their functions go much further. There is no doubt that the entertainment offered by this type of scooter is the main advantage of an electric scooter, both for the youngest and the oldest. Fun is more than assured with electric skateboards. With this type of vehicle you can live many adventures.

Another of the remarkable aspects that must be taken into account when talking about electric skates is the great comfort for those who already use them. There are some models in which they even have standard built-in seats for sitting and baskets to transport your personal items or small bags.

New technological advances have allowed autonomy to be more than enough to be able to enjoy traveling kilometers without fear of being stranded. They vary depending on the models from 10 km of autonomy to 40, more than enough time to be able to go and come from those places to which we must move and are located at relatively distant distances. Therefore, it brings a great benefit to people who want to move around using electric skateboards.

The great lightness offered by this type of scooters makes them ideal vehicles to move easily and effortlessly. In addition, they guarantee that they can be transported very easily and can be loaded with complete peace of mind. Adding to the advantages of an electric scooter the possibility of being foldable, as are many of the models that exist.

By having a small size, you will not have any problem when storing it or storing it at home, since it is a very small vehicle and will take up little space, especially those that can be folded after its use.


As mentioned above, this means of transport will help us save a lot of time in travel, allowing us to get anywhere faster. But it not only allows us to save time, but it will also allow us to save a lot of money, since it does not consume any type of fuel.

But how about the speed?

With electric scooters, you can quickly and easily get to any place (relatively close) and avoid traffic and long waits in public transport. Going to university, going to a meeting, doing any business, it will become a much faster and more fun task.

Today’s situation

We are at a time when electric scooters are part of the current panorama, since it is difficult to go down the street and not see one. A very common question that our users ask us is how much does it cost to charge an electric scooter every day? This article is for all the people who have the same questions.

When buying an electric scooter, it is important to consider these questions:

– Where to load it

– How to do it

– How much will it cost us

– What laws must we comply with

– Etc., are some of the questions that we must ask ourselves

At present we can find electric scooters for different prices: From 200 dollars for the height and weight of a child, up to 600 dollars on average for an adult.

To this we should add the costs of charging the battery in our home or, if we prefer, rent it and even receive a discount if we return it charged.

How much can it cost to charge your electric scooter every day?

If, for example, we focus on a very solid model, such as a heavy duty electric scooter, and its characteristics, the calculations will come out faster. We have an electric scooter whose autonomy does not exceed 30 km maximum through its 7.8Ah battery. And although it seems that it has nothing to do with it, it has a direct impact on the time it takes to charge a battery. So it may consume around 0.29kw / h during recharging.

It will take an average of 5 hours, 5 and a half hours, to fully charge it if our battery is at 0%, and having the current value of the light in hand, it is very likely that we will spend a total of 0.20 dollars per day.

These calculations are made as long as the power of our electric scooter does not vary and neither does the time it takes to charge. Since the reference of the cost of kw in most electric companies has been taken, it is 0.12 dollars.

If we use our electric scooter only from Monday to Friday to go to work, the monthly charge would have a total cost of $ 4.35 per month.

We might think that it is more profitable for us to rent one, but some electric scooter rental companies have begun to charge, not only the rental of the scooter itself, but also to fully charge the scooter in our home to receive financial compensation from the company.

Finally, like everything in life, we must look for economic discounts and if we can change or hire another type of rate in our home that allows us to charge our scooter more economically. More and more people are concerned about the environment, so another advantage of an ecological electric scooter is its respect for the environment. There is no doubt that the appearance of these battery vehicles has been a great solution to reduce the levels of pollution in the atmosphere, since they do not give off toxic gases or pollutants of any kind, specifically what happens with cars and motorcycles.

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