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Do you really need a CFI certification to get ahead in your career? Here are the pros and cons of obtaining a CFI certification online.



1.Program certification:

 CFI has multiple financial modeling certification programs on its platform. 

Major category programs are Financial modeling & valuation analyst (FMVA) ®, Commercial Banking & credit Analyst ( CBCA) ™, Capital Markets & Securities Analyst (CMSA) ®, And Business Intelligence & Data Analyst (BIDA) ™. 

All these courses are widely explained with all the specialization and models. They consist of different classes with different hours of learning. You also get a free demo class for all the categories before you join the course. So you can get the idea of an entire course. After completing the courses & exam scoring criteria, you get the course completion certification from CFI. 

2.Multiple Courses choice:

CFI has a total of 6 different course topics on their program. It includes Accounting, Excel, Finance, Financial Modeling, Investment Banking, and valuation. 

1-Accounting courses: In this course section, you learn from accounting fundamentals to reading financial statements. 

2- Excel course – from free excel crash course to advanced level excel formulas & functions, makes you professional in the excel use. 

3- Finance – It teaches you about financial analysis fundamentals, fixed income, and corporate finance introduction. 

4- financial modeling – It covers financial modeling fundamentals to advanced financial modeling courses. 

5- Investment banking – It includes all the sections of financial investment. 

6- valuation: it includes comparable company analysis, precedent transactions, and discount cash flow. 

3. Levels of courses : 

All the courses include 3 levels in their program section. 

Beginner -It has a beginner section where you get all the essential information about a particular course for free. You get this section of courses for free. 

Intermediate – This section includes all the major Information and training programs related to the program. For this section of the program, you have to buy that particular course to access all the intermediate information. 

Advanced: This section, of course, has all the latest updates & advanced training programs, which helps you to become expert in that particular field. 

4. Team Management & Instructor:

 The team of CFI includes analysts, Educators, and creators with vast experience in teaching and training. The instructors of the CFI team have provided training in different corporate industries like HSBC, CITI, Blackrock, Deutsche Bank, and many others. 

All the creators have more than 10 years of experience in the finance industry. They have taught over 10k students from their platform. They help you to guide on how to build your career through the CFI certification platform. From basic to advanced level, they guide you on each section of your career. 

5. Jobs and career:

 One of the best features of CFI is its career opportunities program. Once you complete the full course certification from their platform, they provide you with the opportunity to apply for multiple job offers through their portal. They have tie-ups with the global finance society, which recommends various job descriptions through their certification.

So it’s become easy for students to land a job after completing their course certification. They already have job description sections like investment banking, equity research associate job, credit analyst job, financial analyst job, and many more on their platform. 


1.Course Pricing:

The course pricing of CFI certification programs is a bit high as compared to other platforms. The self-study programs start at $200 and complete immersion programs at $489.You don’t get all the course specialization in one payment. Each specialization has its enrollment price. In the self-study program, you don’t get the live interaction section with the instructor. 

The duration of the self-study program is for 2 years. You get full lifetime access only in the complete immersion program. The pricing of all the specializations is high as the market price standard. They accept all the fees payments in dollars only.

2.Customer support team:

 There is no instant problem-solving team for your queries. You have to contact through email support address or call on their mentioned number. It’s not easy to contact their support team in the early attempt. This one is a significant drawback of CFI. Many students have mentioned their problem of contacting the support team for their queries. 

You get an email reply from their team after 24 hours or maybe after a couple of days. You have to mail or call their support team many times before they answer your queries.

3- Course duration & certification eligibility:

 All the courses on CFI platforms are a bit longer as compared to other platforms. The average study program of courses is around 80 hrs for each specialization. It takes a minimum of 6 months to complete the whole course. 

You can’t skip any video lectures in that particular course. You have to watch every video lesson by them. You have to score at least 80% in the CFI exams to get the completion certification. Some of their courses are optional, while some of the courses are necessary to consider for completion.


Overall, CFI courses & training programs are excellent as compared to other platforms. All the courses are well constructed with the latest updates and with well-equipped content material in their program. Once you get a course completion certificate, you can land many job offers through their platforms. 

All the instructors have vast experience and well-trained programmers in the financial industry. They have worked with big finance companies, so they know what it requires to become an expert in the financial sector. The core strength of CFI is its course design programs and its tutors. If you are serious about pursuing your career in the finance sector, then CFI is one of the best platforms to purchase their programs.

 It’s a little costly but worth it for your career. The best thing about CFI is their tie-up of a partnership with the global finance community, which led to many opportunities for their learners. All the programs are through online video, and you can access & learn it from your comfort place.

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