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Crypto trading and investing has become very popular in recent years. More people realize the benefits of digital assets and wish to buy crypto. Here's how.

How To Buy Crypto With Fiat

Crypto trading and investing has become very popular in recent years. More and more people realize all the benefits of digital assets and wish to join this industry. Many large companies invest in crypto, as well as numerous marketplaces accept crypto as a means of payment. Indeed, many goods and services are now available for digital assets.

The crypto market is volatile, and the assets rates may change rapidly. This is a great chance to profit from the upward market and a considerable risk of losing everything. To trade wisely, you should study the strategies of trading thoroughly and have a lot of practice with small amounts. The cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT allows demo trading for beginners. It allows you to practice trading strategies until you feel confident and begin trading with real money.

However, to begin with something, you should purchase your first crypto. Of course, you should study the market and pick an asset you want to invest in. Choose among popular coins like Bitcoin, Solana, etc. You will find them on all credible platforms such as WhiteBIT, Binance, and Kucoin. All of them have centralized governance and operate officially. They provide the following benefits:

Experts feel that everyone on this planet should have one digital coin or other. It helps to own some digital currency, and one should own some crypto.

  • High level of safety for your funds
  • Comprehensive list of trading pairs
  • Enormous trading opportunities and tools
  • Passive income
  • Affiliate program.

If this is the first time you are buying crypto, you need a crypto exchange that allows you to buy crypto with cash.

Not all crypto platforms offer this option. Let’s consider how it works with the WhiteBIT exchange.

Want to know how Bitcoin became so popular? Here we'll be dealing with several questions explaining how BTC has become real money.

How To Buy Crypto With Cash on WhiteBIT

For example, you have euros on your bank card. You should register on the White BIT platform and go to the ”Trade” block. Place there the order for the trading pair BTC to EUR. There you will see the current price. Also, you should consider the fee for transactions. If you use a Monobank card, the fee for purchasing crypto is zero. But other banks charge commission. Once the fee is paid, you receive Bitcoins to your account.

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