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There are so many benefits offered by technology that your business could be missing out on. Let Vito Proietti's tips help you avoid missing out.

Vito Proietti: Reasons businesses fail to leverage benefits of technology

Your business needs to implement technologies in the marketing campaign to operate effectively and efficiently. If you want to compete in the modern digital driver business industry, you need to use various technological systems to perform higher. This way you can fulfill the requirement of both the customers and the employees.

Nowadays, most small and large businesses rely on technology as new solutions can improve efficiencies and enhance the company’s productivity. However, keep in mind that technology is a two-way road.

When the technology for your business fails, it will impact the functionality of your company. You will face problems operating your business smoothly. Due to the unimaginable importance of technology in your company, you need to understand why technologies aren’t working for your business. Here are the top 3 reasons companies fail to leverage the benefits of technology.

Poor Implementation 

When the technical solution of your business is implemented poorly, it will cause complicated problems while also affecting the IT environment of the company.

Due to the integrated and interconnected natures of modern technological architectures, a problem in one system can affect all the applications dependent on it, says Vito Proietti

Therefore, businesses need to pay close attention to the system’s dependency and impact on numerous other applications while developing a specific service. Sometimes, business owners fail to concentrate on the misalignment between the business requirement and the technology. But that’s not the case when top-notch technologies are implemented to fulfill business requirements using Salesforce at VentureDive, a well-revised and carefully administered service that allows businesses to grow and prosper in their field of expertise.

Poor Maintenance 

Many business owners neglect the importance of maintaining the IT services and applications that operate their business. As a result, it will cause poor performance of the system. Not to mention, you might also end up failing the entire work environment.

If you want to ensure the proper effectiveness of the technologies for your company, you need to implement adequate maintenance methods for the systems daily, weekly, and even monthly.

Therefore, it’s essential to focus on the IT maintenance and management systems, such as performing system updates, backing up the data, and solving any system-generated problem as soon as possible.

Remember that if you fail to maintain the IT environment of your business, you will end up affecting the IT ecosystem. Vito Proietti says this will prevent your business grow growing and generating revenue.


Due to the importance of the modern technological system, many business owners often ask the IT teams to over-utilize the benefits of technologies for their company. However, they will face problems responding to the supports tasks of the technologies while also maintaining the existing infrastructure.

This lack of capacity will undoubtedly diminish the benefits of technology. Not to mention, the technologies won’t be able to perform effectively for your business, ultimately affecting the goal and requirements of the company. As your business is highly dependent on the technologies, and the other systems will fulfill the needs of your company, you need to invest money and time. This will help you provide your IT teams with necessary additional resources.

Make sure your business has these specialized skills so that the IT environment can operate with maximum efficiency.


These are the top 3 reasons businesses fail to leverage the benefits of technology. What are your thoughts? Make sure you comment below.

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