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How can business get more views on Instagram

The incredible potential of Instagram as a selling platform is for sure noticed and exploited by businesses. More and more brands consider this app as one of the most effective tools in their marketing strategy, putting more effort and resources into the development of profiles on this social network. Every 100 views on Instagram mean that 100 people are willing to buy your product, or at least will consider it as an option when the time comes. Getting many views also indicates your brand’s visibility on the platform, so you can calculate your next move for widening your reach.  So how does one actually achieve more views on Instagram? Here are the top effective tips for you. 

Discover the best posting time

Even though the feed is now dynamic – so posts appear in the line not chronologically, but according to the list of accounts the user, most interacts with, the time when you have uploaded your new content still matters a lot. The goal is to be present online when the major part of your target audience is there too. It is quite easy to indicate with the help of Instagram Business Profile options that allow you to track your current statistics (and switching to that type of profile is highly recommended for many more reasons). By discovering when users visit your page and react to your posts you will see when you should put up new materials. 

You need that not for feed posts and videos. Posting time is incredibly important for posting stories. This form of content appears at the beginning of the line each time you make a new upload – so starting at the right time means your story will be noticed by more people. The same goes for live sessions on Instagram as well. 

Prove your quality with user-generated content

By providing many materials created by your customers, you ensure newcomers of what your product is worth. So you should encourage people to share their opinion about your product or service online, tagging you and letting you repost it. A big collection of positive yet objective feedback will drive the attention of your potential buyers and increase the number of views too. 

Also, your followers and customers can produce original and engaging ideas that will help you on your way to popularity and success on Instagram and beyond it. 

Collaborate with influencers 

Another proven method to gain more views for your posts on Instagram is to harness the power and attention that influencers and bloggers get. Co-working with people that are loved by a wide audience means that they would promote your product to their viewers, causing them to discover your brand. To choose a blogger you should work with, take a disguised look at their profile before arranging the deal, and see how they behave with their public, and how they promote any other brand. You can also try to communicate with them in disguise of a personal page to consider if their engagement methods suit your issue. To collaborate with bloggers you will have to invest in your deal, but if you have chosen right, the results can be astonishing – not only you will get more views and reactions to your content, but get more sales too. 

Use stories to drive attention

With the help of stories, you can easily increase the number of views for all other types of content on your Instagram page. With stories, you can easily repurpose your audience’s activity to the important post, IGTV, or upcoming live session. Various stickers and filters allow you to create original and engaging content on the go. However, the recipe for best performance is to mix premade materials with shots and videos taken in the spur of the moment. 

Stories are considered to be the most successful type of content that can be created on Instagram. The secret of success is in the possibility to interact with your viewers almost instantly. Watching such content takes less time and effort, and, each time you upload a new story, it will appear at the beginning of the line, provoking more engagement, and motivating users to visit your profile. 

Exploit Instagram  Ads

Instagram Ads is also an effective tool for increasing your reach because it is implemented in users’ feeds very organically, practically seamless – hence, it doesn’t irritate users like aggressive marketing. If you will choose the most popular post of yours as an advertising material, you can be sure that you will gain more views for your content, and more activity on your page overall, as people check out what you have to offer. Make sure all the aspects of your profile look good and continue to attract more viewers with Instagram Ads. But remember that you will have to spend more time online communicating with the growing audience, so you probably will have to hire an SMM to fulfill your goals. 

Make exclusive offers

One of the key factors that helps to nurture a loyal community and increase views on Instagram is to provide something exclusive for your most active followers. Such things not only will drive more interest to your profile, but help to improve your relations with the audience too. For example you can launch a secret sale, or special promo code, that people can redeem only within the app, or you can play games in stories, and offer a discount or products as a prize. Materialistic motivation works well when you need to activate your existing community – and that is important for you to be able to gain more new unique views. 

Work on your public image

Why do people love Instagram? Because here they can get a full representation of a brand from different angles. So, your task is to expose what your customers consider important and interesting. The competition is high in most industries, so it will be hard to impress the audience solely with the quality of your product. People want to relate to your brand through sharing the same values and principles of work, so some behind-the-scenes and storytelling materials are a must. Also, you should create a recognizable visual presentation, so your company will look distinctive. 

Participate in offline events 

Promoting your Instagram offline is a cool method to harness more views and followers for your Instagram. You can become a sponsor in different festivals and events that are related to your industry – although hosting a stand may cost you a serious sum, such an investment will increase the loyalty of your potential customers to you. 

Another interesting way to redirect attention to your Instagram is to make a special Insta-zone in your store. Motivate people to take photos and tag your store, creating a buzz around a local photogenic place. For example, you can decorate your store facades, or make a creative zone in your dressing rooms – anything your fantasy is capable of!

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