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When it comes to developing a marketing strategy for your business, here's why Boran Reklam has the advertising you need and more!

Boran Reklam & its Marvels

Owing to the demands of the latest world, Boran Reklam Outdoor Advertising comes up with a unique taste keeping in view the needs of its customers. The dominant firm in the marketing sector puts emphasis on the quality of the services. Providing speedy and competent service to local and foreign customers is the ultimate goal of the corporation.

By fulfilling the modern requirements of its people, it has maintained its pace in the digital era. Boran Reklam Outdoor Advertising never fails to amaze its users by offering them the latest and up-to-date varieties. Thus, it has succeeded in becoming proficient in its field and won the trust of people.

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Some Milestones Achieved:

3D Adworks, a digital printing technology, is amongst the super technologies used by Boran. It dynamically transforms all kinds of posters. This service has provided a wide range of offers in the Turkish market for the first time.

Fayansart, a printed wall product of Boran, fantasized about the market by adding a splendid touch to the decoration sector. This fine product comes to the market after an extensive 1.5 years’ Research.

The Boran Reklam Outdoor Advertising did not leave the most significant element of outdoor advertising i.e. Scrolling systems. Boran’s scrolling system is a useful invention in this regard.

Facilities & Products:

Some major production facilities include UV Printing, which means printing on all kinds of flat surfaces; Digital Printing including Vinyl, coated banners, and one-way vision digital printing; 3D Lenticular (3D Printing) involves printing and equipment; Signs aiming at Backlit and non-lit sign applications; Car Wraps adding Logo and images application on cars and Lastly Printed Tiles with Custom printed ceramic tiles.

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UV Printing – A Durable Technology:

Boran provides acrylic UV Printing which makes itself dormant while exposed to sunlight. Using this wonderful technology the paint takes less time for drying which is far less than a second. Yes, you heard it right. This fabulous feature saves the printing from getting affected by any atmospheric exposure. This tool stands out in comparison to other techniques as it is highly resistant to water and is long-lasting.

Using UV Printing, the colour lasts for decades, compared to others that long for mere two to three years. A variety of prints could be obtained by this technology involving the Onyx interface program, Rasterized image process, and even RGB prints, acrylic UV Printing creates perfect results on the surfaces of glass, wood, ceramics, tiles, PVC, canvas, metal, and many other materials.

3D Lenticular Printing:

With 3D Lenticular Printing,  Boran applies with the brand of 3D Adworks. Using this, one can have advertisements that will put a great emphasis on the customers and influence them in a positive way. With 3D Lenticular / 3D Printing solutions, you can make your product stand out in your industry. Proved by facts and backed by statistics, 3D Lenticular Printing proves to be more efficient than other printing styles by five times. This sort of printing catches the attention of people at once.

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