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How can you deal with a poor WiFi network? This post lists the 4 best ways to help you boost WiFi signal and extend the WiFi range.

4 Best Ways to Boost WiFi Signal and Extend the Range

According to the WiFi Organization, WiFi has created 330,000 USD in 2021. It will reach 490,000 USD up to 2025. WiFi has benefited lots of people, families, enterprises, and governments. Most of us depend on WiFi every day. Apparently, the WiFi network has become an indispensable part of our life. 

Nowadays, a weak WiFi network will directly affect our work and entertainment especially for those who need to work or learn online at home. How can you deal with the poor WiFi network? To solve this problem, we need to figure out the causes affecting the WiFi network performance.

Part I. What affects WiFi network performance?

Many factors affect the WiFi signals. Here we listed the most crucial points.

1. Physical Barrier

WiFi routers should be deployed in spacious areas. Walls or doors will influence its performance. In addition, the materials of the buildings will also interrupt the transmission of the WiFi. 

2. Distance

A WiFi device can only cover limited areas. The wireless network of spots far away from the router is unstable. If you live in a big house with several floors or the business premises covering a large area, some corners can’t receive the network due to the long distance.

3. Product Performance

You must have experienced that your network becomes slow when more and more devices connect to the same network as yours. For this case, a high throughput router with fast response times can promise a reliable wireless network.

Besides, there are two frequencies of WiFi: 2.4GHz and 5 GHz. 2.4GHz transmits farther at a low speed and 5GHz can provide faster speed within a shorter range. It would be better to choose those with dual bands.

So, how can we cope with the above problems to improve the WiFi signal and extend the WiFi range? Below we listed the 4 best useful ways. Let’s get to know more.

Part II. How to Boost WiFi Signal and Extend the Range

Method 1:  Use mesh WiFi network

If your house is so large that the signals can’t cover all spots even you use the WiFi router with high performance, setting up mesh WiFi networks would be a great choice for you. With one main router and several slave routers deployed around your house, a completed mesh WiFi system will be built by connecting the access points. When you want to extend the WiFi signals to larger areas, you just need to add more routers. Moreover, the nodes will automatically connect your network to the strongest signal. Additionally, it’s easy to create mesh WiFi networks because most products will offer an App or website to help you connect the network.

You can easily find many brands on the market by searching. Here we will take V-SOL mesh WiFi networks as an example to help you learn more details. It adopts the technology of WiFi EasyMesh networks, which helps set up a smart and efficient network. It supports operating frequencies of both 2.4GHz (WiFi 4)and 5.0GHz (WiFi 5) with combined throughput of 1.2Gbps(300Mbps at 2.4GHz and 867Mbps at 5GHz).

Method 3: Change the location of the WiFi router

If you live in a small house, due to the physical barrier, you may not have a good Internet experience. For this reason, there is no need to purchase a device to boost the signals. What you should do is to move the WiFi router to a suitable place to avoid any signal block.

Method 4: Upgrade your WiFi router

If your current router is in poor performance, you can change and get a new one. The latest popular router supports WiFi 6, whose largest transmission rate of 0.6Gbps is 3 times larger than that of WiFi 5. But the cost of WiFi 6 is higher than WiFi 5’s. You also need to take the budget into account.

Now, just check to know which factor results in your poor wireless network performance and take action. A better network must improve your quality of life.

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