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Everything You Need To Know About Blockchain Games

In recent years, cryptocurrency has created a buzz in the investment and tech industry. Its blockchain technology is a breakthrough, facilitating token or digital currency holders to earn money. And now, this technology is all set to transform the gaming sector. 

This brings us to the topic of discussion: What exactly is blockchain gaming? How can you get started with it? And Can you earn money with it? 

To get answers to these questions, continue reading. 

Blockchain Gaming

Since most gaming platforms are centralized, players can only utilize their in-game currency or XP in one game. Of course, every earning is generally used once. However, in blockchain games, decentralized models are used. It allows players to control their game data and use it in other blockchain games.

For instance, if a player is winning XP and weapons in one blockchain game, they might decide to transfer their wins to another game when leaving. They could also trade with other players or sell them.

The best part is that you can also use your digital assets or token to play these games. Some games are also based on lotteries that pay you instantly when winning a lottery. Such games are categories as crypto lotteries in which you can enjoy fairness due to blockchain technology. And, if you are wondering- whether you can earn money with these games, the answer is YES.

Are Non-Fungible Token Games Same As Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games and NFT games are often used interchangeably. However, the non-fungible token (NFT) market is not limited to blockchain gaming. Instead, these tokens can stand in for both digital and physical assets, including works of art, homes, valuables, and even a person’s identity. NFTs have a variety of useful applications that appeal to many industries and use cases. As a result, their acceptance is increasing.

NFTs are used in gaming to construct various game elements, including rules, characters, and weapons. NFTs provide value to the game assets because they are distinctive. 

Making Money With Blockchain Games

As stated above, users can earn cryptocurrency while playing some blockchain games. The various ways to earn cryptocurrency vary depending on the particular game.

Players can earn bitcoin by selling their NFTs in play-to-earn games via a market, exchange, or auction. In fact, each NFT’s worth is determined by both its particular qualities and the present market.

If we look at the statistics, this is swiftly emerging as a viable alternative vocation for many people in developing nations. 

The Philippines has a 20% acceptance rate for blockchain games and has 40% of the Axie Infinity player community. Apparently, Filipino employees make twice or triple the local minimum wage in some circumstances. 

How To Start Playing? 

You must first possess bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to start playing blockchain games. You would also need to buy Ether to play many blockchain games because Ethereum is the platform on which they are built. ( Nevertheless, conduct a thorough study to determine which cryptocurrency and wallet are suitable for you.)

The following stage is for you to decide on whatever game you want to play. Think about the types of games you might enjoy playing, the entry cost, your level of game comprehension, and how the game economy functions. Now, go online and search for that game. 

Agree or not, it’s way more simple as it may sound. 

Final Words

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you must try blockchain gaming and earn money with it. It’ll allow you to connect with others and become more tech-savvy. 

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