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There are a million reasons why a parent might want to block some content on their child's phone. Learn about blocking adult content right here.

How to block adult content on your child’s device

Ever since the internet became available to consumers, two media categories competed to become the early adopters of the new technology. The first was telecommunications, and the second (although not strictly in the media category) was the adult industry. Pornographic material was reserved for greasy magazines or tabloids found at the local service station.

After the early digitalization period, it was being uploaded to the internet in great numbers. Entire websites were founded on this industry and aimed to provide free or subscription-based content to their viewers. The implementation was slow due to the paltry bandwidth the internet of yesteryear offered but once video streaming became mainstream, so did the exponential growth of the adult industry online.

Children today have all the means necessary to be accidentally or willingly be exposed to adult content. Fast internet connections, speedy mobile devices, and workarounds on various apps have made it very easy for children to access adult material. Parents have used some of the best-hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone tracking apps to get around this, and we’ll discuss later how these have proven to be very useful deterrents.

Do All Parents Need to Block or Restrict Apps and Websites?

This is where things get a little muddy and the answer to the question can depend on a case-to-case basis and the setup of individual families. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” approach to be followed by everyone. Fortunately, though, a few trends do make a strong case for blocking adult apps and websites using iPhone tracking apps stronger.

Take the case in point of how much adult and pornographic content is consumed by children today. The Journal of Sex Research claims that 68% of American teens have viewed porn accidentally and 37% intentionally do so regularly. Children as young as 5 years old have been exposed to porn too. While not intentional, it can have dramatic effects on how a child views the world around them.

Add to the fact that research shows that the earlier a man has watched adult content in their life, the more likely they were to form sexist opinions and views later in life. Studies also show that teenagers who consume pornographic content regularly are more likely to view sex as a “purely physical” or “recreational” activity and women as objects.

How Can You Start Blocking Adult Content?

#1 Google SafeSearch

It is the easiest way to start blocking all adult content that shows up when searched for on your devices. The Google Search app in your Android or Apple device has the option to toggle this on in the settings. Similarly, once you set Google as your browser’s default search engine, you can activate SafeSearch from the settings menu as well.

#2 Screen Time on iOS devices

While there is no built-in iPhone tracking app on iOS devices, the phones and tablets do come with Screen Time in the device settings. Screen Time allows you to put specific restrictions on your children’s devices and lock the settings with a passcode. A bit of fine-tuning is required to get it to work as intended, but once set up can be a great deterrent.

#3 Ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Most ISPs now offer parental controls and website blocking features. Visit the website of your ISP or call them directly to find out how you can go about setting these up.

#4 Use Dedicated Hardware

Most modems that come with your WiFi connection have built-in filtering systems. While these can be tricky to set up, they work great once installed properly. You might want the help of a technician with this, however.

#5 Use Parental Monitoring Apps

Device monitoring apps are popular amongst parents who would like to keep tabs on their children’s specific device usage. Most of the best-hidden spy apps for Android available today come with app and website blocking functionality.

Blocking Adult Content with Xnspy

When it comes to blocking adult content on apple smartphones, Xnspy’s iPhone tracking app is the best option. It is also the defacto best-hidden spy app for Android.

The remote device monitoring application has long been a crowd favorite, scoring high on customer review websites, and continues to be the ideal choice for parents the world over when it comes to blocking adult content on their children’s phones. The main reason for its popularity is that it boasts some of the most extensive set of features in a monitoring app.

Not only are parents able to block and restrict certain apps on target devices, but can also remotely listen in to the device’s surroundings. Xnspy also has a built-in location tracking and geofencing feature with which notifications are sent to concerned parents about the whereabouts of their children. And because the application is cross-platform, meaning it can work on iPhones and Android phones and tablets, the list of covered devices is impressively large. Everything from phones from a few years ago to the latest flagship versions is supported.

You are required to subscribe to one of two plans available before you get started with the Xnspy iPhone tracking app. You can get the basic version for $4.99/month or the premium one for $7.49/month. Once installed on the target device, you can use the remote login feature to check the information that interests you. Here is a step-by-step guide to help.

Step 1

When you sign up to Xnspy, your login credentials are provided to you. Visit and enter them to access the dashboard.

Step 2

To view the list of applications installed on your child’s phone, select the tab “Installed Apps” from the menu in the dashboard on the right.

Step 3

Once selected, your dashboard will show you the complete list of applications installed on the target iPhone or Android device. You may also view any hidden applications here.

Step 4

On the left side of the screen, next to the app’s name, you can view the “block” button. Use this to block and restrict any of the applications you want.

Phone monitoring and app blocking applications have a unique utility that shouldn’t be downplayed. They have tremendous use for parents, and it is always advisable that they use them whenever applicable. The growing use of adult and pornographic content is a worry but the best-hidden spy apps for Android like Xnspy make the experience of sidelining them effortlessly. The download process for the app is pretty straightforward and can be used on any iPhone and Android device. For any in-depth query or tutorial related to installation and use, Xnspy has handy step-by-step guides that make its use simple for everyone.

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