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Blackpods the most bought earbuds of the year 2020. They are the best wireless headphones. But what makes them best, let’s have a glimpse on black pods.


Experience the next generation’s true wireless earphones to enjoy the true quality of your favorite music. The next generation EarPods are loaded with features that will make you fall in love with them. The sleek new look will make you stand out in the crowd.

The new wireless earbuds come with a new earplugs design that is more comfortable and reduces outside noise. There are built-in sensors and the earbuds come with a new and latest Qualcomm chip.

The device is sweat resistant so that you can jog or work without any hesitation of getting them wet.

The new device also supports wireless charging.

Why choose our product?

The high-quality product comes in two colors white and black. The device is durable in design. Fits perfectly in the ears.

Sound Quality

For all our tests and views about the fit and feel of the black pods, they actually sound good.

The black pods blow the Lightning-equipped EarPods. The black pods offer a nice and cool sound experience compared to the original AirPods.


Simply open the black pods case next to your phone, then select the option on your phone screen to pair with pods.

After that, the pods will automatically connect to the phone every time you put them into your ears, and automatically disconnect when you take them out of your ear.

Taking a single pod out of your ears will automatically pause whatever you are listening to.

Connecting to IOS.

Connecting to an IOS device is as easy as it was before. Just open the lid near your IOS device, a small pop-up will appear on your device. Click connect and it will connect to your device. The pop-up screen will also show the battery status of the container and the wireless earbuds.

Connecting is easy and fast because of the in-built chip.

Connecting to Android.

The good news for the android user is that they can also buy it and use it with their android device. You can also use it with your windows PC.

The connecting process is a bit different from connecting to an IOS device. Long press the button on the back of the container near your phone, it will start Bluetooth pairing. Look for pods in your device’s Bluetooth settings and click on them.

When connected you can use it. Music experience with android or PC is also outstanding. You would not feel any difference.

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