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Bitcoin is the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency and has recently hit a high with their USD numbers. Celebrate with these memes.

Bitcoin skyrocketed to a USD all time high: Celebrate with these memes

The value of Bitcoin hit a record high on Wednesday. Bitcoin is the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. It went past $20,000, a milestone many cryptocurrency investors have been waiting for. According to Coin Metrics, the value of a Bitcoin went past $23,000 USD as of Thursday. This means Bitcoin has had more than 200 percent gains this year.

Bitcoin’s previous high was on Nov. 30, when one Bitcoin reached the value of $19,850 USD. It has tripled in the past year, and experts in crypto say it’s thanks to increased demand from institutional investors.

Bitcoin’s USD worth over time

Bitcoin almost hit $20,000 in 2017, but then the value plummeted. Earlier in 2020, things weren’t looking up for the cryptocurrency, either. Toward the beginning of the year, the value of a Bitcoin fell to $4,000 USD because of the economic fear about the pandemic.

Bitcoin billionaires

Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss are twins who are known for investing a lot of money into Bitcoin. According to The New York Times, they’re popular Bitcoin billionaires who bought $11 million in Bitcoin in 2013. Since their first purchase of Bitcoin, the two created the crypto exchange company Gemini. In 2017, they were briefly billionaires before Bitcoin decreased in value again.

When Bitcoin hit $20,000 Wednesday, both twins talked about their excitement on Twitter.

After being ridiculed for years, Bitcoiners will again be considered the smartest people in the room this holiday season. Well deserved,” Tyler Winklevoss said.

Cameron Winklevoss’s response

Cameron Winklevoss tweeted about how it took years for Bitcoin to get where it is today.

“Today, #Bitcoin got the monkey off its back. It took three long, hard-fought years, but the $20K glass ceiling has been shattered. A turning point for our movement. With the wind at our backs, we continue our work to build a future w/ greater choice, independence, and opportunity,” he said.

Other people with an interest in Bitcoin tweeted about the valuable moment. Many of them shared Bitcoin memes to celebrate. Here are some of the best memes to come out of Wednesday’s Bitcoin surge.


Many Twitter users posted about how some people underestimated Bitcoin’s worth. This meme has bar graphs with the title “Bitcoin Excuses” and represents the apparent rhetoric of Bitcoin throughout the past few years. The meme says the excuses are “it’s too difficult,” “it’s too risky,” “it’s too expensive,” and “it’s too late.”

Telling your friends you invested in Bitcoin

Other memes show how some Bitcoin investors felt ridiculed by others when they first started investing. Now that the value went up, they feel a lot more confident.


Some people posted memes showing how utterly mind blown they were while watching Bitcoin’s value go up.

“My everytime when i see #Bitcoin price break new records,” a Twitter user said. The caption was accompanied by a photo of someone who looked totally shook and trying to process what just happened.

Replacing fiat currency?

One person shared a meme which is meant to represent a goal some people have with Bitcoin. Some people want Bitcoin to replace other currencies like the USD.

“I think we need to start sending this meme out again with the context of course being that the goal of #bitcoin is to replace fiat currency in its entirety,” the tweet said.

Bitcoin bubble

Some memes were about how apparently Bitcoin investors were told the cryptocurrency is simply in a bubble, even as the prices continued to go up.

More memes means more Bitcoin

Another Twitter user joked about how as Bitcoin’s value goes up, the better the memes are.

“There is a direct correlation between Bitcoin’s price and amount of quality memes on Twitter,” the Twitter user said.

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