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There are tons of trading platforms available to users online. Here's a breakdown of the best platform options.

All you need to know about the best trading platforms

Financial trading involves the selling and buying of assets or ‘financial instruments’ with the expectation of making a profit. These financial instruments could be debt based financial instruments, cash instruments, derivative instruments or equity based financial instruments.

This industry not only affects that common individual person but also the government wanting to make a profit. If you’re looking to conduct financial activities with just some click, you might also want to do some fintech research. A fintech is a group of innovative technologies which automate the use and delivery of financial services.

A trading platform can form a significant and important link between a financial market and yourself. You could be interested in forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies or commodities–you need to find a trading platform that fulfills all your requirements and is also free . Listed below are some of the best trading platforms to put you on the right path when it comes to trading platforms.


After researching day in and day out, we have come to the conclusion that eToro is the best trading platform for you to try out. Here’s a mini eToro review for those considering this trading platform. This broker is ideal for those who are new to the world of online trading. This platform is super user friendly, as it is simple to use and will support small stakes.

For people who are looking to trade commodities, this platform supports every commodity such as gold, silvery, oil and even natural gas. This trading platform also offers an array of passive investing tools, which benefit beginners before they get a hang of trading. Since they designed it for beginners, we do not recommend it for advanced traders who would want to perform technical analysis.


This is a hugely popular trading platform in the US. It’s very simple and ideal for a beginner. If you are looking to invest in ETFs, cryptocurrencies, or stock options, you don’t need to worry since they are all supported. The best part about this trading platform is that it does not charge any commissions. The only downside to this trading platform is that it only offers around 250 international stocks and you can’t make deposits using a credit/debit card or e-wallet.


Libertex is a CFD trading platform with competitive commissions starting from 0% upwards. It has a brilliant choice for market and amazing educational resources. It gives you the choice to choose from two platforms, one is their own in house platform and one is MT4 since Libertex is compatible with it. If you’re not looking for CFD trading, then Libertex is not the trading platform for you since that is the only option available.


Plus500 is a zero commission trading platform that has 1000s of CFD markets for trade. It also has an in house trading platform, which is available on browsers and cellular phones. Plus500 has various features aiding its users such as price notifications, risk management tool and trader’s sentiment tool however there are no social trading tools since MT4, MT5, or any third-party platform are not supported and it only supports CFDs.


Fidelity is a trading platform that offers a significant number of traditional markets and investment strategies. It also has an exceptional selection of investment products. You do not have to pay any trading fees on Fidelity since it is commission-free. The best part is that there is no minimum account balance needed. It has one of the best research and instructional materials to make things easier for beginners who know little about financial trading.

Don’t worry, just because fidelity is beginner-friendly doesn’t mean more advanced traders can’t use it. Advanced tools for analysis are available for advanced traders. The downside to this trading platform is that opening an account may take some time since the process is pretty slow and you can not make withdrawals or deposits using a debit card. is a relatively new trading platform that has been making waves in the market. It offers over 3000 instruments, including CFDs. This online trading broker is also very cheap, with no commissions and low spreads. Any earnings made from this app will be tax free. It however doesn’t allow you to own stocks and doesn’t offer PayPal either.

Charles Schwaab

Charles Schwaab is a reliable trading platform based in the US that offers the finest investment app which is available on both iOS and Android. Allows you to buy stocks and ETFs with no commission fee since it is commission-free. Users have the choice of 3 different trading platforms you can pick from. You don’t have to make any deposits or pay any account fee, however. If you’re an advanced or pro trader, Charles Schwab is good fit for you.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is an established brokerage firm that has been offering trading services since the 1970s. It offers an enormous collection of conventional stocks, ETFs and index funds. It also has extremely up-to-date trading features and tools for chart analysis. There is no need to make any deposits and you can buy stocks that are listed in the US and ETFs without commission. We do not recommend it for people who are new to investing since they designed it for more advanced investors.

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