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Top 5 best online video editors

Instagram has officially transitioned from prioritizing photos to now placing videos first as a way to compete against TikTok. Now influencers worldwide are working to shift their content strategies to match the new landscape. 

While Adobe keeps putting premium members first with high prices for industry standard features, there are plenty of free editors available right now to make your content current. Video Candy is our top pick. Take a look at all that it has to offer below.

Video Candy

The editor that takes the cake for being the most versatile is Video Candy with over 15 tools at your disposal to process videos online. Those who love to make Instagram Reels and TikToks will be very pleased with Video Candy’s trim tool as it has even more sub-features nestled inside its menu. In fact, each tool has extra layers of usability that can be customized to your liking as each need arises.

Several tools took us by surprise, but the one that’s stuck out the most is the video merge tool. Let’s say you trimmed one video but you feel like merging it with other media files to create trending content. To do so, simply click ‘Continue Editing’ and choose the merging option. You can add multiple files to be merged at once and then edit in real time. You can also change the video ratio and blur the background, and export directly from the tool itself. 

Another tool that made us smile is the resizing tool. As all social media influencers now, the next basic step of working on your content is resizing your content so that it fits the format of whatever platform you plan to post on. With this tool, you can choose the video ratio option that can automatically change the height and width of your content to fit the designated social media platform. 

The Compress video tool also caught our attention in ways most of us can relate to. Anyone who has tried to post a video on Youtube over the last decade is well familiar with compression and how it changes the features of our videos in almost every way. Luckily, Video Candy’s compression resource allows you to tweak the features of your video under the hood while also preserving all of its original quality. 


Many Instagram users are already well acquainted with Canva. A lot of busy work has been taken care of with its format directory. It allows you to drag and drop pre-sized formats directly onto the video that makes your content instantly look professional. With templates and royalty-free media available even without being a premium member, you can start posting videos almost immediately without sacrificing the quality of your content.

Once you become a premium member, you can enhance your content even more by adding animations that change and mutate with every unique view. Canva’s extensive list of transitions will also add the highly desired texturing that has become the standard for professional looking videos without breaking the bank.

While being available on mobile first, Canva has since expanded to include a desktop version and browser edition. In comparison with Video Candy, Canva comes up as a very close second!


Kizoa packs several punches that put it in the same quality category as Canva and Video Candy. However, several features immediately set it apart from both editors that may also put it in a class of its own. 

Kizoa offers a brand kit feature that allows you to apply or create your brand logo in context with the kind of video you are making, ensuring streamlined presentation across all of your projects. 

If that wasn’t enough, you can even create teams to work on your video in a group fashion. Alongside royalty-free pictures and video directories available to everyone including non-premium users, you can also add GIFs and special effects with your transitions.


While dealing specifically in made-for-film video production, the online version of Movavi makes a pretty strong case for a top video editor in the same league as Video Candy.

The title transitions may look familiar, however the parameters that are at your disposal to fit your filming style make it a feature well worth mentioning. This also applies to the filter directory which easily rivals that of Instagram and TikTok’s stock filters.

With added features like Chroma key, Vertical video reorientation, and camera stabilization, Movavi is right up there with Video Candy in terms of depth of features available to non-premium users.

What other features would you like to see Video Candy make available next? Let us know in the comments!

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