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Whether or not you're home, protect your space at all times when you use these tips to find the best OLED module for your digital smart locks!

How to Choose the Best OLED Module for Digital Smart Locks

Digital lock systems are becoming more widely used by private homes, businesses, and facilities all over the world. Besides not having to deal with lost or stolen keys, it provides a simple solution that makes it easier to get indoors while carrying groceries instead of having to fish through your pockets for your house key.

These digital innovations are partly due to the advancement of OLED modules that fit into the small display areas so consumers can verify their access code or make any necessary changes during installation.

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What are the Current Problems of Using Digital Smart Locks?

Some consumers have avoided changing to digital locks systems due to functionality issues. This is because the technology used in these locks was not quality OLED modules that could improve the smart lock screen. Some examples of the problems consumers are concerned about include:

  • Screen Brightness – When sunlight directly hits the display, it washes the contrast. This makes it too hard to see the numbers on the lock and enter a code to go inside the home, business, vacation rental, hotel room, or any other application of the digital lock.
  • Battery Life – These digital locks are not hardwired. They require a battery to maintain their usage and older models use up that battery power too fast, forcing consumers to carry around a backup key in case there is no power to the lock.

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  • Takes Too Long – Some models of digital locks take a long time to react to the information being entered. Today’s market is fast-paced and based on convenience. If the product cannot meet these demands, it will not remain competitive.
  • Poor Viewing Angle – People can be carrying books, talking on the phone, trying to dodge the rain, or more and not be viewing the smart lock straight on. This can cause the user to be at an odd angle where the display is not easy to read.

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How to Choose a Quality OLED Module to Fixes Digital Smart Lock Problems

While all of these concerns are valid, they can be easily remedied with a quality-made OLED module. A company like FET or welock provides solutions that are easily integrated into product design and offer direct benefits like:

  • Higher Brightness – Small OLED displays are made with layers of thin organic material that result in higher contrast and brightness that works in both indoor and outdoor environments. That means even under direct sunlight, the number on a smart digital lock will be easily viewable so consumers can enter a code and walk inside.
  • Energy Efficient – OLED module technology is an advancement from previous displays. OLED only uses power when necessary to create light instead of needing a constant power flow to keep backlighting on. This lowers the demand for batteries in locks and increases the anticipated lifespan between battery changes.

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  • Excellent Response Time – OLED has a much faster response rate in both color and monochrome product development. This results in a more interactive display that meets the time demands of consumers who need to keep moving to feel satisfied.
  • Wide Viewing Angle – Small OLED modules can be produced with viewing angles of up to 160 degrees. This improves the capabilities of a digital smart lock to be read from all sorts of physical positions in relation to the people going in and out of a location.

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The 0.42” Smart Lock Display by FET

Since OLED modules require precise manufacture, you are recommended to choose a reliable small OLED display supplier, just like FET. Try out their new 0.42” smart lock display OLED screen. This OLED module is designed to work in temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius, meaning it has the durability to be indoors or out, and includes an anti-glare polarizer for use under direct sunlight.

The PM-OLED white color display has excellent response timing and a thin thickness of 1.227 mm, which allows it to be used in a wide range of smart lock models. With a high contrast of 2000:1 and a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, this is an excellent option for your next line of smart digital locks.

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FET is Your Answer to Small OLED Displays

Since 2010, FET has provided innovative and reliable products in the optoelectronic display industry. This company’s commitment to pushing the industry forward with new product designs from a professional R&D team is why so many major brands rely on FET for the latest OLED integration. To learn more about all FET offers, browse the company website or reach out to the expert sales and support team. When you need an advanced OLED module for your next smart digital lock, you need FET!

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