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Use these five tips to help choose the best CCTV camera for protecting your home and upgrade the way you keep your loved ones safe!

5 Tips For Choosing the Right CCTV Camera for Your Home

People tend to invest in alot of things, but the foremost thing to invest in is peace of mind. That means trying to achieve comfort and peace of mind by investing in the security of your assets and your family.

You can easily achieve this by installing a camera security system. You will have comfort while away for work, on vacations, or having a leisure walk around the suburbs. Circle Security Solutions is a full-service security company in Miami, FL. We offer top-notch home and business security systems miami alarm systems. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

The question comes: What is the best CCTV camera security system most suitable for your home?

CCTV cameras can be of different types that can vary according to their specification and qualities. Therefore, choosing the right CCTV security system can be pretty tricky. However, here are five simple tips that will help you decide what to get.

cctv camera home

Camera Quality

The first thing you should consider before making a decision is the camera quality. That includes the type of camera, the resolution, and the function to zoom in and out. Without the required quality, your CCTV camera is highly unlikely to fulfill its purpose.

Let’s find out a little more about what enhances the camera quality.

Cameras are of two kinds. First are the cheap analog cameras, but they are good enough to detect intruders and monitor the area. On the other hand, high-definition cameras are a bit expensive but can be used to detect number plates and characters for legal purposes.

cctv camera home

The third thing to consider in camera quality is its resolution. CCTV cameras are available in three variations, with lower range cameras having 2mp resolution, mid-range from 5mp to 8 mp, and high range with eight mp.

While keeping in mind the camera’s resolution, you should also check the zooming function of the system, as while zooming, the resolution can get distorted. So the first and foremost thing to see in a CCTV camera system is its quality, as the sole purpose of the security system is to monitor and record.

A sound-quality camera system can help you get hold of the criminals in case of a crime.

cctv camera home

Infrared Night Vision

While considering the best buy, one thing to keep in mind is the ability of the camera to monitor at night. Now the CCTV cameras are equipped with infrared night vision. The more the number of infrared lights, the better results it gives at night.

As most burglaries occur at night, keeping in mind the infrared night vision function in a camera is worth spending some extra cash on.

cctv camera home

Location of Camera: Indoor or Outdoor

The location of the camera matters alot! If you want the camera to secure indoor places, you can buy a lower range of motion camera. Whereas, if you’re going to put the camera in an outdoor setting, it needs to be weatherproof and cover a wide range of areas, so a pan-tilt camera is better.

Furthermore, you have to keep in mind whether you want to place the camera in a discrete location or not. Some models of the cameras also have an audio input/output system that you can use to warn the intruders and can also detect the footsteps of the burglar.

cctv camera home

Wired Versus Wireless System

The next thing you should keep in mind is getting a wired or wireless system. The wired system is much cheaper, and the connectivity is better as it is connected to a DVR by a coax cable. On the other hand, the wireless system is portable and can be moved quickly from one place to another, but it needs more maintenance as it is battery-operated.

Moreover, as it works on a battery, it also works if the electric supply is cut off. Furthermore, you need to ensure that your internet bandwidth supports the wireless system.

cctv camera home


In addition, you can also see the specifications regarding the system’s storage. It can be 16 GB and can go up to 1 TB.

On top of that, you can also increase the storage by attaching an external hard drive to the system. This can also be attached to the unlimited storage device. You can also use cloud storage to backup video recordings of the CCTV security system.

cctv camera home


To conclude the article I want you to consider all the aspects before deciding which CCTV system best suits your requirements. Of course, all the factors mentioned above play a role, but one more thing worth mentioning is the cost of installation and maintenance.

While considering the installation cost, you have to see the service provider’s standard, the number of cameras, and location. Maintenance of the camera system includes: checking the camera lens for a clear view and focus, cleaning the camera lens from dust, checking the wiring for any wear and tear, and fixing the loose wires as they can distort the overall quality of the image it provides.

Plus, you must also check the supplier’s legitimacy. The safety and security of your household is the premier factor for you. Choosing the right security system can provide you with the comfort and security for a happy and relaxed living.

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