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Even some of the best writers need a little help. Here are the best article writing websites that'll inspire you to put your best foot forward!

Best Article Writing Websites

When finding article writers, there are several great websites to choose from. These sites pay above average for quality articles. Textbroker, EssayUSA, Narratively, Essaysrescue, and others are among the best. You can choose whichever suits your needs best. These sites pay a wide range of fees and have a huge range of writing styles and topics. They also pay well for articles and stories.

article writing websites


If you’re a beginner essay writer, you’ll probably want to start with Textbroker. You can set up a team of writers to complete new projects and add orders to existing ones. Afterward, you can pick from different categories and submit your articles. Then, you can get paid for your work. You can also write for other sites at the same time. This makes it easy to earn money while writing articles.

Textbroker pays you instantly after clients accept your articles. Once you reach $10, you can request a weekly payoff. Rates on Textbroker are fixed, and you pay 0.35% service fees for every dollar you earn. That means a $100 article would cost you $3.5. If you don’t like the terms, try out another website. ProBlogger is another good choice for writers.


When you need to hire an article writer, there are several factors to consider. First, you should consider how much the article writer will charge. Rates for freelance writers vary, and an experienced one will charge more. You can also look for writers with particular experience in the field. The rate will also depend on the quality of work. A freelance writer can also charge a lower rate than a contractor. It is essential to remember that article writing is a business.

Consider hiring an article writer if you need more articles written on a particular topic. These writers can write various articles, including blog posts, web copy, press releases, and e-books. Article writers are experts in their fields and can provide your website or blog with engaging content. Hiring a writer will also help you save time, as you can get articles on demand without hiring an extra employee.

article writing websites


Narratively is a website where you can submit stories people don’t often read. The site is looking for authors with unique stories to tell and is willing to pay up to $75 for a 700-word story. The articles can be on any subject, and the site will assign a development editor to your article. You can also write about business, design, or development. The site is currently getting over 4 million page views per year.


When looking for the best article writing websites, it’s important to find ones that have high-quality standards. Most of these sites pay decently for articles, offer 24/7 customer support, and research their customers’ needs to ensure quality content.

So whether you’re writing for a website, an online magazine, or an e-book, there’s a good chance you’ll find a good fit for these sites. Best of all, they’re usually affordable and can be afforded by more consumers. And you’re guaranteed confidentiality of your article’s content – something important to you if you trust your work to a third party.

Another great option for writers who need some extra cash is iWriter. This site is similar to iWriter, but provides more scope and a higher-paying environment for those with writing talent. Unlike iWriter, both these sites also list writing projects according to their quality and pay their writers per word in proportion to the quality of their work. In addition, both sites allow you to filter their writers by their levels, provide special instructions, and even reject their articles.

article writing websites

Instant Shift

There are many articles writing websites on the Internet, but none are better than Instant Shift. It pays well, with writers earning up to $20 per article. This site is easy to use and requires only a minimal understanding of SEO content. Unlike many other article writing websites, it pays through PayPal. You can even apply on the spot – and receive a message if you get accepted.

The website allows you to choose from assignments submitted by clients. There are no limits on the number of articles you can submit; you can even choose to complete a profile for free. Once accepted, you’ll need to submit a sample writing piece to demonstrate your abilities. Your work will be evaluated and rated, and your income will be determined by how well you perform. The site pays via PayPal, and you can only apply if you’re a U.S. resident.

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