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Best Android Apps for Leading a Business

The times when it was necessary to write down all the important details and calculations in a notebook are long gone! And smartphones, which have been considered just devices for entertainment, are now indispensable tools for successfully managing businesses from any region in the world. 

Android gadgets are the first in their popularity worldwide, so it’s not surprising that numerous apps are available for users. However, those who are just beginning to automatize their businesses and implement the usage of highly technological applications in their routines may find it challenging to explore the best tools. So, grab the list of top apps that you will definitely like.

Time Management with Android Business Calendar

It’s a classic application, allowing users to add all tasks and monitor their effective implementation. In fact, this is a traditional diary inside your smartphone, which is always at hand. In addition to work tasks, you can add your daily tasks there using the reminder and note app. Enter all completed actions and work breaks there. For example, you decide to have some rest to read the news and play online casino games Canada. The application allows tracking your schedule and analysing productivity, which is essential for any worker and employer.

Google Drive for Effective Data Management

There’s hardly anyone who has never used Google Drive. This service is convenient to immediately share all documents, presentations, tables, and other files necessary for work. You can work on them in real-time, and other participants can see all changes. The app is absolutely free.

DropBox: Store Your Files Securely

It’s not a secret that keeping all important documents on one device is unsafe since it can fail and let you down at the most inopportune moment. Cloud storage is the best decision, so DropBox is an indispensable service for businesses and individuals. It’s a secure place to keep all documents and instantly share them with others.

Plan Everything & Share Tasks with Others with Todoist

It’s the most popular and convenient app for creating to-do lists. It’s efficient since you can sort and share all tasks with others in a few clicks. The app has in-built reminders that notify about important points and deadlines, and the most important or urgent projects can be added to a separate section. Moreover, it’s possible to add a detailed description of each task so that each worker can see it. All features are available only in the paid version, but the app is totally worth buying it.

Holded for Effective Management

This smart management software allows controlling all business processes and payments conveniently and quickly. Numerous dashboards help to keep all data and share it with others effectively and quickly. Moreover, it is the best way to manage finances and keep in touch with all clients. The application allows the integration of systems such as PayPal for convenient transactions. Now you don’t need a lot of paperwork since everything is inside your smartphone! Install the application for free and use the trial period to understand whether it will suit your business.

Trello for Managing Projects

This app is suitable both for individual use and teamwork, and you won’t find a better tool for controlling all projects simultaneously. This tool will help you divide the work between performers and monitor the completion of tasks at each stage. Trello is a great way to track all changes and manage deadlines. Moreover, it implies easy navigation and a convenient interface, so you will quickly sort everything out and understand how to use the program.

Slack for Instant Secure Communication

This messenger has been used for many years, and it doesn’t lose its relevance. You can create individual or group chats in a few clicks, and dividing users into different projects is incredibly convenient. The app provides increased security, allowing to make secret chats and enjoy the possibility to share files of any format immediately.

Simple Mind for Generating & Keeping Your Ideas

This application is the best tool for structuring all thoughts, which will be useful both for businesses and individual use. Simple Mind is the top option if you lack a service you can use instead of your notebook. Create a mind map and supplement it with fresh ideas in a few clicks. It’s an excellent instrument for an existing company and a perfect app if you are just planning to start a business.

Chrome Remote Desktop

It often happens that it’s necessary to access documents or files from your PC while you are not at your workplace, and here Chrome Remote Desktop comes in handy. The application allows you to access the computer from your smartphone immediately wherever you are. Urgently check your mail on the weekend or even work on the beach – now it’s all very affordable and safe!

Signeasy: Sign Your Documents Remotely

Business owners have a lot of paperwork and often have to sign something. It’s convenient since the sign is scanned immediately and can be added to any document even without the presence of a person. The same can be done with stamps – no need to carry it with you since you always have an electronic version.

Zoom for Remote Meetings

Remote work is at the peak of its popularity, and Zoom is a must-have for immediate meetings. The application allows you to arrange calls for up to two hours and add up to 50 users simultaneously. High-quality sound and image with an in-built chat for discussions are indispensable for meetings. Now you don’t need an office!

MailChimp for Effective Marketing Campaigns

Email advertisements are now used by almost every business, and MailChimp is the best tool for them. The app helps create personalized ads for new and regular customers and effectively manages the marketing process. Moreover, you can get detailed analytics to understand how many letters were delivered and opened to understand the expediency of your campaign. The software has a simple interface and can be tested for free.

HootSuite for Ads on Social Media

This well-known app is a planner that helps manage social networks, create content plans, and set up a publishing queue. This flexible tool is the best for following all company actions and efficiency; convenient graphs help to see all the details in one image. Moreover, the app allows tracking all competitors’ changes and customers’ requests for more effective communication and understanding of what clients really need.

Cloze for Keeping All Your Contacts

Proper communication is essential, but a business owner often doesn’t remember all the details concerning other people they should keep in touch with. The app allows gathering all important contacts and information and keeping them in one place. Cloze automatically creates a database with all the details, and you can access the necessary data in a few clicks. It’s one of the best tools for monitoring your growing contact list! This application is also great for creating to-do lists with reminders and tracking all tasks and their deadlines. After you use it once, you will wonder how you have lived without this tool before!

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