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Benefits of Doing an Apprenticeship in the UK in 2023

For individuals 16 and older, apprenticeships are funded work-based training programs. They combine nationally recognized qualifications with on-the-job training. They focus on preparing people with the new knowledge and abilities required for their current positions and upcoming employment and advancement.

What advantages do apprenticeships provide in the UK?

Obtain practical experience

You will work alongside a group of skilled experts for your apprenticeship, allowing you to broaden your skill set and gain practical experience. The best part is that you can assist your professional progress by constantly learning from your co-workers.

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Gain from support systems and educational tools

Compared to conventional positions, apprenticeships offer a considerably higher level of assistance, and your employers will be available to assist you as you navigate your professional life. They will provide you with the support you need to advance by offering access to helpful study resources or responding to concerns about your position.

Paid education

With an apprenticeship, you can earn money as you learn. That’s accurate. While gaining priceless experience and in-depth knowledge that will position you for future professional success, you will receive a minimum income.

What does an apprenticeship pay? The minimum wage for apprentices is £4.30 per hour. However, it is expected to increase. A government bursary is available to help your first year as an apprentice.

Do apprenticeships pay off in the UK?

Despite frequently participating in the same fundamental projects and responsibilities as licensed or professional professionals, apprentices typically earn much less. This is typically the case because an apprentice lacks the knowledge and abilities of his master. In addition, training an apprentice requires the mentor’s time.

Very Little Recognition

Although some programs also incorporate classroom instruction, an apprenticeship is a hands-on learning experience. Working closely with a professional on projects while often receiving little is challenging for ambitious apprentices.

You might miss out on experiencing college life

For many, one of the most excellent parts of being a young adult is their time in college. If you choose an apprenticeship, you may not be able to enjoy a carefree life as a full-time student because you will start working immediately.

Do apprentices in the UK pay taxes?

There is a widespread misperception that apprentices are exempt from paying taxes. That is not the situation. The same rules for paying income tax apply to apprentices and everyone else—some legal tax advice for new employees.

If your income is less than £12,570 for the 2022–2023 tax year, you shouldn’t be subject to any taxes, though you could have to make National Insurance contributions. Your allowance is the sum of £12,570. The appropriate income tax rate will be applied to earnings that exceed the personal allowance.

UK’s top apprenticeship programs

Britain’s Army

With more than 40 apprenticeship opportunities in fields like public service, healthcare, engineering, and construction, the British Army is the largest employer for apprenticeships in the UK.

British Telecommunications

The best private sector apprenticeship program in the UK is offered by BT (British Telecommunications). As one of the top tech businesses in the world, BT is committed to ensuring that apprentices acquire top skills on the job and quickly establish themselves as valuable employees. Apprenticeship programs offer training in various fields, including engineering and cybersecurity.

BAE System

Aerospace firm BAE Systems provides security and military solutions to some of the greatest brands in the world. The work done by BAE Systems involves a significant amount of technology, and the company offers apprenticeship programs in software, electrical and mechanical engineering, aircraft maintenance and design, as well as choices in business, finance, and project management. All apprenticeship programs include opportunities for both on-the-job training and academic study.

Does an apprenticeship lead to a permanent position?

Permanent employment is one of the critical advantages of apprenticeships. Once their apprenticeship is up, employers frequently allow them to seek a position with them. They might even be offered a job before finishing their training.

Which apprenticeship in the UK pays more

Interestingly, high-paying industries like banking and technology are where most high-paying apprenticeships are located. Let’s look at this.

Training in business administration

To support all areas of AWE, a Business Administrator’s responsibilities will include raising purchase requisitions, managing your calendar and inbox, performing secretarial tasks, scheduling meetings and assigning keys, controlling classified documents, and performing various other transactional and administrative tasks.

They provide our apprentices with an £11,000 beginning pay. With an annual rise, the second year’s compensation is £18,300.

Engineering Apprenticeship in Civil and Structural

Civil engineers utilize their knowledge, skills, and behaviour at AWE to enable systems and equipment to operate safely, effectively, and sustainably while following AWE’s standards and those of the institutions that comprise the professional body.

Once your apprenticeship is over, you will understand engineering and science principles and procedures.

They provide a starting wage of £13,500 for our apprentices. Annual increments bring the second year’s income to £18,500.

Apprenticeship for Information Communications Technician

By employing tools to problem-solve and troubleshoot complex issues, an information communication technician supports everyone in the organization, enabling them to be productive when using technology to perform their duties. When a company needs infrastructure services, ICT specialists configure and manage the systems that deliver those services, resolving problems to ensure the organization’s efficiency.

After a year, do apprenticeships receive a wage raise?

There are two reasons why apprentice wage rates rise. Your pay rates may improve over time (often in 12-month increments) or when you satisfy specific apprenticeship training requirements. You should begin receiving a regular tradesperson salary once your apprenticeship is over.

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You can anticipate signing an apprenticeship agreement and a commitment statement after being hired by a company.

The duration of your employment, the training you will receive, the working circumstances, and the degree you are pursuing will all be specified in the agreement.

The commitment statement will outline the training’s subject matter and schedule and how to approach any inquiries or complaints you may have.

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