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Basics of OTT video app development with types, features, and cost

The rise in OTT platforms shows precisely that this sector will still grow in the future. About 50% of the US population is active on OTT platforms. This platform is also gaining huge popularity in India. Online streaming of TV shows and movies is very popular today in India.

OTT is simple to use and download on various smart devices. In this blog, we will discuss the basics of OTT video app development, types, features, and cost of the development of OTT video apps.

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Special features of OTT video apps

OTT video apps have some special features such as:

  1. Search option

This option helps to search your favorite content according to the genre and language. It helps to improve visibility on the apps.

  1. Multilingual content

OTT platforms have many languages in which the content can be displayed. This feature improves reach to a huge audience in various areas.

  1. Screen mirroring

The engagement count will increase if the users access content on app screens and other devices.

  1. User profile

The feature of the user profile gives a rich experience to the users. This feature will show the recommended shows based on viewing history.

  1. In-app purchases

OTT platforms with this feature will receive better ROI. It brings good responses and more traffic to your platform. You can hire the app development team to develop the best OTT platform.

  1. Social features

Social presence is necessary for the popularity of the OTT platform. It helps to achieve daily targets and gives a better OTT experience.

  1. Watchlist

One of the most important things in the OTT platform is a watchlist. This feature allows the users in saving their favorite TV shows and movies to watch at a later point in time.

OTT monetization strategy

Some of the top-most OTT platforms monetization models followed by the best content providers are:

  • SVOD

SVOD is the subscription video on demand. Under this option, the user can view the full video content uploaded on the app for the period they have paid for. It includes monthly and yearly subscription models.

  • TVOD

This is a Transactional video-on-demand model. In this model, the users have to pay per view. Every video has a price in this option.


The full form of AVOID is an Ad-supported video on demand. This model gives free-of-cost video content services and displays some ads in between the videos.

Steps to Create an OTT App

To create an OTT app, you will need various things such as security frameworks, tech stack, and the right server. OTT shows the media through the internet. The detailed process of creating an OTT app is as under:

  1. Pick a niche

OTT platform is a vast area containing different niches of entertainment. You have to first choose a niche and then go for a specific key.

  1. Develop content

Developing content is the next thing you need to do on the OTT platform. You have to represent the content on your OTT platform.

  1. Pick any business model

The business model comes in 3 different options namely SVOD, AVOID, and TVOD.

  1. Create a website

It is necessary to create a website to make your OTT platform more visible to the audience.

  1. Pick the right tech stack

The final thing is to pick the right tech stack to develop an OTT platform. After getting a tech stack, you have to finally release OTT platforms.

Final words

If you want to develop the best OTT platform, choose the best team formobile app development. Experienced app developers will help you to get the best OTT platform at an affordable price.

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