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How Automated Trading system can Earn you more Profit

Automated trading is used in automated market hubs with a complete electronic trade system. It also includes electronic messaging networks like dark pools and automated exchanges. Both electronic trading platforms and automated trading systems perform many tasks on orders as compared to any other human effort. Outdated risk control and other security measures that depend on humans judgments are not good proper for automated trading systems.

An automated trading system (ATS), which is a type of algorithmic trading, services a computed programmed to make buy and sell orders and trading send them to the market center or exchange automatically. The computer program will automatically generate orders that are based on rules and trading strategies based on advanced statistics, technical analysis, and other mathematical calculations or any other idea from other electronic sources.

How does Automated Trading work?

Auto Trading trades in your account without you having to manually place. Orders are dynamic rather than signals from expert traders (in the case of e-toro copy trading) or algorithmic trading bots (in the case of crypto robot platforms).

These expert traders or bots are responsible for identifying trades, time to enter a position, and time to exit a position. Unlike trading signals, which you need to interpret, auto trading platforms execute trading orders on your behalf.

Generally, you should have a separate account in an auto trading account. Not only do you have the ability to withdraw these funds, but you also have secure access to your automated trading software to trade in the account. The best auto trading platform is partnered with regulated brokers to ensure that your trading account is secure.

Is Automated Trading Profitable?

Auto trading may be quite successful if you use the best-automated trading platform. Many top traders on the BitcoinX trading platform have a consistent record of beating the market. 

How to Start Automated Trading?

Are you ready to start trading in 2022 using the best-automated platform? In a few simple steps, we’ll teach you how to begin copy trading with BitcoinX.

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Step 1: Open a BitocinX Account

To register a new account with BitcoinX, go to their website and click Join Now.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Make a deposit to your account. Keep in mind that to begin trading, you’ll need at least $200.

Step 3: Start Trading

The next and the last step is to just start trading with the platform.

The BitcoinX app gives users access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. You may take advantage of this cutting-edge algorithm, which employs cutting-edge technology to evaluate markets and help you make better business decisions, by using this sophisticated trading app. Bitcoin X is one of the most powerful trading software tools available, and our research helped us make sure that it’s easy to use as well.

Automated Trading system Advantages

The automated trading system has proven to be beneficial for traders of every level. Let’s explore how:

Minimizes Emotion

Emotional errors are reduced because orders are handled automatically after pre-set rules are met. When the market is very volatile, it also aids traders in being disciplined.

Backtesting abilities

Traders can easily use the old data to evaluate the rules they are applying for their next trades before using the automated trading or its algorithm. This helps traders to reduce the risk of making a mistake and predict projected earnings.


Automated Trading Systems help merchants acquire consistency as orders are only processed once the pre-determined rules are met. In this way, the merchant deals only as intended.

Higher-order entry speed

Higher-order entry speed is achieved because computers execute orders only when pre-set rules are satisfied, which is highly useful in today’s market, after all, market conditions change rapidly.

Diversifies Trading

Users can trade numerous accounts simultaneously using automated trading, diversifying their investments. Users may spread their risk over many devices by diversifying their holdings.

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Automated Trading System Disadvantages

Now we never said there are no cons attached to the automated trading system. Surely the advantages beat the disadvantages by a large lead but let us discuss some of those below:

Mechanical Failures 

Yes, we admit that the ATS algorithm is highly capable of operating effectively in the real world, but there’s still a  chance of failure due to an internet connection lag.


With automated trading systems, the computer is always taking care of the orders and processing them as well. But still, it must be watched since it is vulnerable to technical failures, as demonstrated above.


In the real market, an algorithm that might be performing well in backtesting can still perform poorly. Backtesting success may lead to traders having unrealistic expectations, resulting in large losses.

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Testing of Trading System


Backtesting is a trading system that entails programmers running it on past market data to see if the highlighted algorithm can achieve the predicted outcomes. Backtesting software allows a designer to create and test trading strategies by leveraging past market data and improving the outcomes. Although automated trading system backtesting cannot correctly predict future outcomes, it may be used to assess how a system would have done hypothetically if it had been active in a previous market situation.

Forward Testing

Simulated trading utilizing real-time data from the market may also be used to assess an algorithm’s efficacy in the present market. It might be used to uncover flaws in computer programming.

Live Testing

The advance cycle comes to a close with live testing. Live and current presentations are compared to backtested and walk forward results in that stage. Percent Profitable, Profit The Factors like average gain of profit for a single trade and maximum drawdown are just a few of the metrics that have been compared. The main purpose of the automated system for trading with a high-efficiency rating is to match or outperform backtested performance.

How it works

A specified set of rules can be used to determine when to enter an order when to quit a position, and how much money to invest in each trading product in an automated system of trading. While some trading tactics are aimed to predict market peaks and bottoms, others follow a trend, and still, others employ intricate strategies such as randomizing orders to obscure them in the marketplace. By automatically developing preventative safeguards, ATSs enable traders to execute orders considerably faster and manage their portfolios more simply.

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