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Amazon Business Analyst Salaries

Are you thinking about a profession as a business analyst at Amazon? If so, one of the first questions that might come to thoughts is, “What can I expect in phrases of revenue?” In this weblog submission, we can provide a top-level view of Amazon business analyst salaries and what factors may also affect your ability profits.

Understanding the Role of a Business Analyst at Amazon

Before diving into profit specifics, it’s important to recognize the position of an enterprise analyst at Amazon. Business analysts play a vital position in studying statistics and supplying insights that drive decision-making in the agency.

Amazon business analyst salaries are responsible for developing and maintaining reports, accomplishing analyses, and providing their findings to key stakeholders. They need to have strong analytical skills, an interest in detail, and the capacity to speak complicated records in a clean and concise way.

Amazon Business Analyst Salaries at Amazon

According to Glassdoor, the average income for an enterprise analyst at Amazon is $87,000 in line with yr. However, this may vary depending on several elements, including region, enjoy stage, and process overall performance.


One of the principal elements that could impact your ability to revenue as a commercial Amazon business analyst salaries is your place. Just like with any process, the fee of dwelling in exceptional cities and states can significantly have an effect on how lots you are paid.

For instance, an enterprise analyst working in Seattle or San Francisco can also anticipate earning higher profits due to the excessive cost of living in those areas. On the other hand, a person working in a smaller metropolis or rural area may additionally have a lower revenue but may also have a decreased price of living.

Experience Level

Another key component that could affect Amazon business analyst salaries is your revel in level. Entry-stage analysts with little to no revel in may begin on the common salary referred to earlier, however as they advantage greater revel in and talents, they could assume will increase in their pay.

According to PayScale, the common pay for a business analyst at Amazon with less than 12 months of enjoy is $68,000 in step with yr. However, people with over twenty years of enjoyment may additionally earn up to $134,000 in line with year.


At Amazon, overall performance is especially valued and might greatly affect your earnings as a commercial enterprise analyst. The business enterprise has a unique compensation structure called “pay for overall performance,” which means that personnel are rewarded primarily based on their individual contributions to the agency’s fulfillment.

This machine permits excessive-acting commercial enterprise analysts to earn extra money via bonuses, inventory alternatives, and other incentives. On the opposite hand, those who do not meet overall performance expectancies may have their revenue increases delayed or may be withheld.

Other Factors to Consider

In addition to vicinity, revel in level, and overall performance, there are different elements that could have an impact on Amazon commercial enterprise analyst salaries. These consist of instructional background, previous experience, and industry knowledge.

For instance, someone with a diploma in data analytics or computer technological know-how can also have a higher beginning revenue in comparison to someone with a general enterprise diploma. Similarly, people with preceding enjoy in e-commerce or retail industries can also have an advantage when it comes to negotiating their revenue.


Amazon gives interesting possibilities for Amazon business analyst salaries that may increase over the years based totally on overall performance and other elements. While the common earnings are around $87,000 in keeping with the year, your capability earnings may additionally vary based on your location, revel in stage, and task overall performance.

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