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A Guide About Plastic Rattan Making Machines

The major components of a plastic rattan machine, sometimes referred to as plastic rattan extrusion equipment, are an extruder, die, optional hydraulic or manual screen changer, cooling tank, traction system, and winding system.

The Primary Goal

For use in indoor and outdoor furniture including tables, chairs, couches, and different woven crafts, plastic rattan machine is used to create plastic rattan strips in a variety of forms and colours, including round rattan, flat rattan, embossed rattan, seagrass rattan, etc. Strong ductility, washability, mildew resistance, lack of toxic chemicals, UV protection, and resilience to inclement weather are all qualities of plastic rattan strips.

The Evolution Of Plastic Rattan Machines

There have been a lot of technical advancements made to the plastic rattan machine. It has a dual-combination colour matching feeding mechanism, high speed, high extrusion volume, low melt temperature, and strong material plasticizing effect.

An entirely new kind of plastic rattan extruder has appeared as a result of ongoing development. In addition to having the same features as the older machine, the newer three-color high-speed plastic rattan machine also has a digital pneumatic propulsion refuelling system that allows it to freely change the rattan’s surface colour. As a result, the rattan machine  can be used to produce high-quality plastic rattan strips and sheets in a variety of shapes.

Points To  Consider When Choosing Three-Color Plastic Rattan Extruder Production Line

Careful thought must go into selecting a plastic rattan extruder production line. Here are some important things to think about:

Recognising The Features Of Different Materials

Rattan is frequently made of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Every substance has unique qualities, benefits, and drawbacks. For instance, PVC is harder and more lasting, but PP and PE are more flexible.

Think About The Necessary Production Capacity

Depending on your anticipated production requirements, select an appropriate rattan extruder manufacturing line. While small enterprises may employ less expensive manual production lines, large-scale production requires a production line with great output capacity and stability.

Market Research Trends

Choose moulds for the manufacturing line that match to the most current and popular styles and colours on the market. This guarantees that the goods are manufactured to match consumer demand and boost sales.

Locate A Reliable Vendor

It’s critical to select a dependable and knowledgeable provider. To guarantee that your equipment is in the best shape throughout routine production, they should have qualified technical staff and first-rate after-sales support.


A rattan extruder manufacturing line’s cost varies according on the manufacturer, size, and quality. Find a good balance while making your decision so that you may get high-quality equipment without going over budget.

Equipment Longevity And Upkeep Costs

The manufacturing line’s dependability and quality are crucial. Equipment that is reliable, simple to maintain, and fixable might save you costs.

Knowledge And Experience In The Field

It is advised that, if you lack manufacturing experience, you look for suppliers who have the necessary knowledge and experience. They can offer the necessary technical assistance and training, as well as assist you in selecting the best extruder manufacturing line.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, selecting a plastic rattan extruder production line necessitates taking into account a variety of aspects, including material properties, production capability, market trends, the reputation of the supplier, the quality of the equipment, and pricing.  You can take a look at these aspects and analyze which supplier is perfect for your plastic rattan extruder production line need as there are many suppliers in the market. So, it is crucial to select the right supplier according to your requirements.

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