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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Dedicated IP Address

Today, many business owners are concerned about running their businesses in digital infrastructure. It acquires protection tools or solutions based on these concerns. Although this process is somewhat costly, security expenditures are vital for any business. According to statistics in 2021, infrastructure protection spending is estimated to be approximately US$23.9 billion worldwide. Moreover, the predicted amount for global IT security spending in 2021 is 150 billion USD.

There is a lot of work done to create a safe work environment for your employees and teams. One of the most important ways to protect the workforce is by utilizing a Dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) address. In this way, the corporate network becomes accessible from anywhere, and at the same time, vital assets are kept away from prying eyes.

There are several types of IP addresses that are used to identify individual computers, servers, and devices over the Internet or local network. Dedicated IP and Shared IP address, which act as the address of the device and communicate with the web server of the computer accessing a website via its IP address, provide many advantages to businesses.

What is a Dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP address is one that is assigned to a single hosting account and is solely used by you. Dedicated IPs can provide significant benefits for websites serving in certain regions, even while it is not crucial for many websites whether the IP address is dedicated, that is, whether it is shared or not. 

A dedicated IP might be compared to your door number. For instance, if your apartment is on shared hosting and has the number 1, your door numbers will change. Your apartment number changes when you have a dedicated IP address, and you have an IP address value that can be continually accessed and cannot be compared to that of your neighbors.

Generally, when you connect to a VPN server, many other users share the same IP address with you. The server location you choose and an IP with that location are assigned. Other VPN users who select the same location will also have access to this assigned IP address. 

In conclusion, many users’ data traffic is routed through the same VPN server. In contrast to your actual local IP, a dedicated IP keeps you safe online. Your privacy is maintained when all of your data traffic is sent across this IP.

Why Do Businesses Need A Dedicated IP Address?

There are some advantages to using a Dedicated IP address over a shared/Shared IP for both individual users and businesses. These advantages are outlined below.

Your IP is not blacklisted easily 

One of the most noticeable benefits of a dedicated IP is that it is more difficult to ban your IP address. Given that you are the only person using that IP address and that Shared IP addresses have many users, having a Dedicated IP will have a different impact on how websites see you as a visitor. Private IP is beyond question.

Internal and external data leaks are prevented 

In addition to keeping employees secure, using a Dedicated IP and a business VPN ensures their privacy when using your company network. Additionally, your traffic is encrypted and kept secret from those users outside of your network circle who might be malevolent. 

To effectively control permissions and protect important corporate data, you can employ unique company servers with dedicated gateways assigned to specific teams and company branches.

Your domain is not banned 

If the activities of a website that you share your IP address with are considered dangerous, this site may be banned by many countries. Some countries ban server IPs instead of banning domains. If this happens to you, your entire domain will be banned from some countries. Because of this, dangerous situations may arise. Dedicated IP prevents all of these.

There won’t be any additional verification requests

When they notice that more than one individual is simultaneously using an IP address, they request more proof. If you connect to your account using a different IP address than the one you used to create, that is also suspicious. These websites frequently require them to double-check your identity because they do not trust these (shared) IP addresses. Every time you use a different IP address to access a service, you must do an additional time-consuming task. You often don’t run into this issue with a dedicated IP, which saves time.

What is Shared IP?

A Shared IP address (Dynamic IP) is used by other unknown users. The same server handles all data transfers. Instead, Dedicated IP, is private to only you and your business and uses a dedicated server to control your traffic. 

To maintain security, shared IP fluctuates by the server and frequently changes locations. The way they are implemented, not the technology, distinguishes the various types of IP.

Many different domains use the same shared IP address. Like shared hosting services, the majority of websites begin with a shared IP address. Shared IP addresses are frequently associated with shared hosting, however, they can also exist independently of a shared server.

What distinguishes Dedicated IP from Shared IP? 

Even if these two are quite beneficial in all respects, there are some ways in which they differ from one another and how they operate. a few of those 

  • No matter where you are or what country you are in, you always have the same IP address when you have a dedicated IP address. 
  • Your data and the traffic of numerous people from around the world will both pass via the same server when using shared IP. 
  • When you connect to a VPN server that uses shared IPs only, you are typically given a separate IP address. The IP addresses of users are routinely changed by VPN providers in the name of greater security.


Shared IP addresses, which can be utilized by numerous users concurrently, are used by IWeb Hosting businesses. Dedicated IP is a more logical choice for e-commerce sites, sites with payment systems, authoritative websites, websites that will employ SSL certificates, and websites that place a high value on SEO, even though this is not a problem for small-scale websites.

It may not be said that every website will need a Dedicated IP, but the fact that every website has a Dedicated IP address shows that it can gain some extra advantages. A dedicated IP address, which is required for third-party software and applications, ensures that you are least affected by the mistakes made by other websites.

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