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18 gauge brad nailer is an essential tool for working around the house. Find out how to find the perfect brad nailer for you with these tips.

What do you use an 18 gauge brad nailer for?

Having a home is great, however, it takes a great deal of maintenance to keep your home in the best condition. To do that, you have two options, you can either get people to do the job for you or you can do things yourself. 

The first part is easier but usually will cost you money. But then, doing things yourself allows you safe cost and also helps you learn new things. Also, if you prefer to do things yourself, like use chainsaws to cut firewood, you will most likely find new equipment to invest inconsistently. 

You will probably find some new chainsaws to cut firewood, some new drills, a table saw or something of that nature. While all these tools are great additions to your tool rack, there is one tool that every handyman must have. That tool is the 18-gauge brad nailer. Even if you do not have any other tool, this one tool is a must-have tool in your tool kit.

There are so many reasons why you should have this tool. If you are not sure what to do with your brad nailer, then this article is for you. In this piece, we bring to you some of the most common applications of the tool. By the end of the article, you might even find some new uses to your brad nailer that you didn’t know before now. You can click here to learn all the amazing uses of the 18-gauge brad nailer.   

What is a brad nailer?

A brad nailer is a tool that looks just like a nail gun. However, unlike every other nail gun you know, the brad nailer does not shoot nails. Instead of shooting nails, the brad nailer shoots brads. 

You might wonder why it’s called a nailer when it shoots brads. Well, brads are a special term used by handypeople to refer to tiny nails. The average brad nail has a gauge of about 18. In most cases, that is about 0.0475 inches in cross-section. If you are familiar with nails, you will know that is a really small size.   

Some people might wonder why someone might need nails so small and thin. Well, brads are very useful when it comes to light finishing jobs. As you read on, you will find some of the amazing uses of the brad nailer 

Installation of baseboards or trims

You will have to change your baseboards and trims at least once a year depending on your location. However, the process of changing them can be tiring especially if you do it by yourself. For starters, trims can sometimes be very thin. In such situations, a regular-sized nail will either crack the trim or even break it. To prevent such from happening, you need to use brads instead of nails.  

Having a brad nailer can help you quickly get the brads into your baseboards and trims. With a regular harmer or other nail shooters, you will either damage the trim or injure your hands.   

When shopping for a brad nailer that is perfect for installing baseboards and trims, ensure you find one that has enough power and has the perfect nail size and nose size. The nose size of the brad nailer indicates the area where the nails will shoot from inside the tool when in use.  

Crown Molding

Crown molding can be a very tedious job. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be so stressful if you have the right tools. If you want to add crown molding to your house on your own as a DIY project, you will need a brad nailer. Without a brad nailer, the project will take time and will most likely not result in success. A brad nailer ensures that you have it done both in time and that you do the job perfectly. 

General Construction

As a building contractor who is serious about his business, one of the first tools you should have is the brad nailer. While many may not see it as a good first-time investment for a building construction business, it is important. The truth is, you can never tell what job you will be having. 

Your first job or the next might need a baseboard, trim, window casing, or crown molding. These are jobs that require you to put tiny nails into wood. In such instances, using your hand and a hammer might cause damage to the job or even cause injuries to your hand. Therefore, you need a good brad nailer to help you handle such jobs for your safety and so you can have your jobs looking as neat and professional as they should. 


If you are into crafts and you do it consistently, you will need an 18 gauge brad nailer.  This is because it is easy to use for most craftwork. 

As you go through your carpentry and woodwork projects, you will notice there are some areas where only brads can work. Using a nail in such areas might reduce the quality of your end product. A brad nailer comes in handy in such situations, making it easy for you to drive the brads into the wood. 

More so, it gives you a better option for projects where you have a problem getting the nails to stick. 

Also, the brad nailer is so easy to use, you can teach your children how to handle it when they come of age. That way, you can boost their self-confidence and also get help whenever you are working on your projects.  


Generally speaking, brad nailers are some of the most useful tools to have in your tool shed. They come in useful when you need to do tasks that involve delicate handling and accuracy. A good example you have seen above is in time of trimming or crown molding in your home. 

A brad nailer is also an awesome choice for anyone who is into crafts like carpentry and woodwork. With a brad nailer, you will find it easy to apply finishing touches to your work without causing damage to everything.  

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