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One of the most impactful shifts has been the increasing visibility of transgender characters and actors on the silver screen.

The memoir, set to release on June 6, reveals five significant moments from Page's life. Look at what it says about Elliot Page's gender reveal now!

The backlash over Bud Light using a transgender woman as their spokesperson is a missed opportunity or a blessing in disguise? Take a look and see.

If you’ve been living under the stairs (or a rock), you may not have heard of 'Hogwarts Legacy'. Should we buy if J.K. Rowling is a TERF?

While overly high stages of testosterone can cause facet consequences, the importance of testosterone for top-quality male health and health is very huge.

'Stiletto' is the new drama series that isn't afraid to get real about what it's like to be transgender. Take a deep dive in their stories!

There's still a debate over if there is such a thing as a perfect gentleman. It's not impossible to impress trans women in a gentleman's way. Here's how.

It can be tough for some to see faces they recognize from transsexual porn as people. Grab a pen and take notes on how to date them in

Trans men don't need top surgery to prove they're men, but many want it anyway. Learn more about top surgery and decide whether it's for you!