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'Scream 5' (2022) movie is here to scare audiences. Discover how to watch the anticipated horror sequel online for free.

Ghostface is at it again and, this time, the call is coming from within. Discover the killer among the characters when you watch 'Scream 4' online free!

Ghostface returns in the latest reboot, 'Scream 5'! Featuring our favorite slasher and cast of survivors, you need to find out how to watch the new movie.

Ghostface is back and this time it could be anyone. . . even Sidney Prescott herself. Watch 'Scream 5' online and find out who the killer is!

Ghostface returns in a new trailer for 'Scream 5'. Despite some previously average sequels, 'Scream 5' is set to revive one of horror's favorite killers.

Wes Craven was a true ‘Master of Horror’. Kick off Halloween season by looking back at the director’s iconic career.

We can’t help but note something else about the glamorous Portia de Rossi. Here's everything we know about her problematic history.

With four movies and a TV series, 'Scream' is one of the most beloved horror franchises out there. Here's what we know about 'Scream 5' and its cast.

'Scream' is one of those movies that perfectly balances humor and horror. Here's everything we know about 'Scream 5' and its release.